Always a good day!

Much to do in Key West. My choices are the gym, Don’s Place for pro football watching and socializing, the Gardens with Kate Miano, and tonight Lary Smith’s Sunday Showcase. Today is Larry’s wife Christine’s birthday! Christine and Kathleen Peace will sing. There will be a huge crowd. Christine is a loved woman.

Yesterday started with the gym for me. A little boxing and some treadmill. A work out!

Afterwards, I walked next door to Don’s Place for a drink of water. Boomer bartending. I asked for water. He looked at me strangely. I repeated myself. Water. Still no reaction. Finally, he knew I was serious. He gave me water. I don’t think he realized I drink no more. No one orders water in Don’s Place. Especially in the morning. His breakfast club is Don’s busiest time of the day!

Then to Publix to shop. Cupboard bare again. Must be mine was the only one empty. Publix was deserted. People must have done all their shopping earlier in the week for Thanksgiving.

The early part of the afternoon was spent writing. With music in the background. Terri was polishing Joy to the World for next Thursday’s show at La Te Da.

Lisa, Corey and the grandkids arrived. Robert and Ally wanted to swim. I tried to dissuade them. The water is cold. There was a cool breeze. No one listened. They swam. The cold did not seem to affect them.

Key West weather has been perfect up to the last few days. Unusually warm. We should be entering winter here. We might be. It is starting to get a bit cool. Temperatures still hovering around 80. But the cool breeze off the ocean negates the temperature a bit. I think we are heading into cooler weather on a permanent basis. Means the low 70s.

It’s a tough life here in Key West!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I used to live right around the corner from Don's 'Million Dollar Bar', on Varela. It was my watering hole of choice and there most evenings for a few. Back then, Paulie was tending, and his girlfriend occasionally. Pete was theremany nights too. Does English Mick still patron there?

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