Fantastic weather!

A good time to be in Key West!

The radio show went well yesterday. Comments after the show indicated a great interest in airport security. Makes sense. Just about all of us fly.

“Don’t touch my junk!” is becoming famous. I suspect it will be with us for many years to come.

I have no problem with what is being done. I would rather be felt up, than blown up! Simple. To those who find these new methods offensive, I say don’t fly! I would rather be safe than sorry. Sorry means I am no more.

I stopped at Lee Nails for a manicure after the show. Tammy was there. I enjoy Tammy. A mid 20s Vietnamese who has been in the U.S. for eight years. She and her husband own the business.

I asked her about her Thanksgiving. Did she have turkey? No. She does not know how to cook one. She and her friends did get together to celebrate the holiday, however. They cooked Vietnamese food.

Terri’s Thanksgiving opening at La Te Da’s Crystal Room was a gigantic success! A packed house! Terri was thrilled. As was Donna.

Terri’s next show at the Crystal Room is thursday. She is adding a couple of Christmas tunes to the program. It is Christmas time around my house! We have gone from Broadway tunes to Christmas caroles.

The ladies and I went out last night. To the Tennessee Williams Lobby for a new Key West show. Michael McCabe and Traci Reynolds plus several others have put together a show called Cabaret Key West. All kinds of music! Great singing! Terrific humor! A winner!

The show will be running two nights a week at La Te Da. Sundays after tea dance and tuesday evenings. Try it on for size one evening.

Jenna joined Donna, Terri and I for the evening. We had a good time at our table during the performance.

I am off to the gym this morning. Missed two consecutive days. Time to work off the Thanksgiving meal!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I agree with the airport searches in order to keep us safe.

    However, I find it curious that most liberals are of one voice now that, "if it keeps us safe, then it's ok", while TSA searches everyone.

    But when the govt. was tapping the phones of suspected terrorists, liberals screamed bloody murder about "losing our right to privacy".

    What happened to "if it keeps us safe, then it's ok"???
    Please explain

  2. If you have nothing to hide then a terse "junk checking" or a phone tap (pretty boring on my phones) means nothing to you. If you are a terrorist planning to murder innocent people, you have lots to hide and will use every ruse to conceal the murder plans…like any good psychopath.

    The "cover" of political correctness kills when applied idiotically. The whole body scanner is a machine that "feels the junk" without actually feeling…so what is the problem if you have nothing to hide? Your body is a glowing blue outline and there are no details available identifying your features on the screen.

    Now, if a terrorist had plastic explosives jammed down his or her pants or in their shoe, the machine would cause them real problems. So I agree with Lou, I'd rather be safe in the air and go through a machine or a pat down rather then die at the hands of some idiotic murderous terroristic brain-washed fool.

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