Thanksgiving great yesterday!

What a meal!
Lisa did terrific!
I ate it all! So did everyone else!
Robert and Ally were fun. They behaved like young adults. We talked at the dinner table.
I have been dieting for six weeks. High protein. Lost 15 pounds. Blew it yesterday. Went carb crazy. Stuffings, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, etc. Today, I return to being a good boy!
This morning is the Key West Lou Legal Hour. A terrific show planned. Topics like airport security, Don’t touch my junk!, Tom Delay conviction, a federal judge who got involved with a stripper and drugs, and more.
Show time is 10 am. Listen in the Florida Keys and Cuba at 1500 on the KONK AM dial. Better yet, watch and listen on the internet world wide at
Enjoy your day!

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