Happy Thanksgiving!

I am spending the day with Lisa and Corey and the grandkids. Dinner at 3. Can’t wait. Love holidays!

I have the turkey in my refrigerator. As soon as I finish this blog, the turkey and pan get delivered to Lisa.

A little Thanksgiving history.

We all think Thanksgiving got its start in 1621 in Plymouth with the Pilgims and Indians. It did not.

There was a dinner. The Pilgims were happy to have survived almost a year. They invited the Indians to join them. The party lasted three days. Research tells us they devoured 4 fowl and 5 deer. There were no pumpkin pies. They were out of flour.

The event is described as a “gathering.”

George Washington was the first to come up with the idea for a day of thanksgiving. It was 1776. Thanksgiving was celebrated one time. Some did not like the idea. One being Thomas Jefferson. Politics even then.

It was actually Abraham Lincoln who gave us Thanksgiving.

It was 1863. Lincoln felt good. The Civil War was going well. He had a new general, Ulysses Grant, who had been successful in several battles. The Emancipation Proclamation was a fact. He thought it was time to celebrate with a national day of thanksgiving.

Lincoln therefore proclaimed the last thursday in November as a National Holiday of Thanksgiving.

And it was from that time forward that we as a Nation commenced celebrating Thanksgiving.

Congress got into the act in 1941. It took them a long time to recognize a good thing. But they finally did. In 1941, Congress sanctioned the fourth thursday in Novemebr as a day of Thanksgiving.

So it was not the Pilgims, but Lincoln to whom is owed the warm family holiday of Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow is friday. Friday is radio show time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

10 am. Listen on the radio in the Florida keys and Cuba at KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, watch and listen world wide on the internet at www.konkam.com.

A timely show. Topics include a bit on Thanksgiving, airport security, two new American heroes,
Haiti and American dollars, lead and cadmium in drinking glasses, Tom Delay convicted, Judge Camp and a stripper, sex and female slaves, a New York mosque update, Mark Twain and journalism, greedy and greedier, a Judge’s wife resigns, Teddy Roosevelt and a famous saying, college tuition for illegal immigrants, Sarah Palin’s new book America by Heart, and more.

A full plate! Interesting and informative! Join me!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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  1. And Lincoln's "creation" of Thanksgiving, excuses him for being the worst (imho) American President?

    Lincoln, with the “Civil War”, aka the War of Northern Aggression, allowed war on civilians and mass killing “to preserve the Union”. The USA was never the same after that.

    Clearly, imho, if you mention his role in "thanksgiving", then you should point out the irony of invoking God and giving thanks by a mass murderer.

    Happy Thanksgiving. It's a very "expensive" holy day.

  2. Whatever…"Reinkefj" said…ignore. As a native Virginian (no other state suffered more at the hands of Lincoln in the "War Between the States", the proper Confederate term BTW; I got over the war when I was born as my ancestors did. I actually live in the Mosby Heritage Area (google it) and we all have dealt with the past, yet remain proud of our ancestors. Happy Thanksgiving however and whenever it was fist started, it is a great idea. Be thankful for your blessings and please shut up about any issues and deal with them yourself. Lou, I enjoy your blog immensely and wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving.

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