There is no joy in Mudville…..mighty Casey has struck out!

That is how it was last night at bocce. We got our asses whipped!

Larry Smith’s team won all 3 games. I played in the first two. We only scored 4 and 3 points in those games.

Such is life!

Lunch was a happier time.

I was at Montessori sharing Ally’s Thanksgiving with her and her class. The kids sang. Then the big turkey dinner! The kids all sat at little tables. Were served turkey and all the trimmings.

You could see in their faces how happy they were!

Ally was an Indian. Cute!

As I left, she ran over and grabbed my legs and hugged me. Would not let go!

Love it! Love her!

This morning golf. After last night, I make no predictions.

Enjoy your day!

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