Good morning!

A lovely Key West day!

The weather has been around 80 the past few days. With a firm breeze off the ocean. The breeze negates the heat. The end result is that air conditioning is not required. I have not used air conditioning for at least a week. Sleep with the windows open at night.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Other than watching Meet the Press yesterday, I never did anything I intended.

I stayed in all day. Never left the property.

It felt good to do it.

I read the Sunday papers outside by the pool and under the tiki hut. Watched the boats go by. Chatted with Donna and Terri. And continued to enjoy Terri preparing for her Thanksgiving opening at La Te Da’s Crystal Room Thanksgiving evening. Terri sings and tap dances around the deck.

Being a star performer is not easy. It is preparation, preparation, preparation. All to make it look so effortless when finally done.

After I ran out of Sunday papers to read, I did a little writing.

Last night, television.

A lazy day. I must have needed it. I enjoyed it.

Enjoy your today!

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