I am overwhelmed! God must be overwhelmed also!

Thank you for the many responses offering a prayer for my cousin, Sister Rose Garramone.

I was back to the gym yesterday. Boxed for 15 minutes. The gym has a new heavy bag. Just the right weight and size. I enjoyed it.

Then the treadmill.

What a good boy am I!

Afterwards, I stopped at Don’s Place for a drink of water. I was dry from the workout and probably a bit dehydrated. Don cannot make money off me. When I am drinking, it is diet Coke. He only charges for the first one. A $1. The rest are free.

I purchased some books for the grandkids. Stopped over and gave them to them. A cut out doll book for Ally. One of those where you also cut out the clothes and attach them to the doll. For Robert, it was the same thing. Except it was planes and space ships.

I spent some time at the Coffee House. Read the New York Times.

Wrote a bit later in the afternoon.

Then decided to stay in last night. A light dinner and some TV.

I was out friday night. Met Marty and his charming wife Donna at the Chart Room. We had dinner at the Hot Tin Roof. Always good.

Host John was nervous. He is a Wisconsin grad. Wisconsin is ranked #5 nationally in football. They were playing Michigan yesterday.

I see from the score that John should not have been concerned. Wisconsin destroyed Michigan!

I continue to live in a rehearsal studio. Terri keeps practicing for her La Te Da Crystal Room opening Thanksgiving evening. She sings and tap dances. In doors and out doors on the deck. More Than You Know and Blue Skies permeated the property.


Love sundays!

Meet thee Press, Don’s Place and the Gardens. Hopefully I will make the Gardens tonight. And in between, the gym. I may miss pro football at Don’s Place. Basketball is upon us. Syracuse plays William and Mary at 2. If I can watch the basketball game at the Sports Page bar, that is where I will be.

My radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour from a week ago is available for demand viewing on video at www.tikilive.com/video/28369.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Go Tribe! Sorry Lou, the green & gold runs deep. The weather here in Virginia Hunt Country is indescribably beautiful..warm but not too much and golden. Except for the 3 months of winter and occasional snow (typically), 9 months of the year are blissful with spring and fall awesome (summer can be humid and hot) but than we're just like Key West.

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