Golf yesterday!

El magnifico stunk! I played terrible!

I lack consistency. I play well for a couple of weeks. And then…..nothing! I was toppmg the ball and all those good things!

Played with Don and Yankee Jack.

As bad as I was, Yankee was good! He was the big winner. Destroyed Don and I. Though Don won a few dollars also. I was the big loser. $12.

New Jersey’s Tom is back. It was good to see him at the golf course. He and his wife Nicki are two terrific people.

It was a strange time on the golf course yesterday. No breeze! Rare on an island. The sun was biting hot.

I live on a Broadway stage. My house guest Terri is of Broadway fame. She is preparing for her seven nights at La Te Da’s Crystal Room beginning Thanksgiving evening. She walks around the house, inside and out, singing. Yesterday it was Summertime and When You’re Down and Out.

Golf knocked me on my butt. I slept a good part of the afternoon.

Dinner last night was at the Yacht Club. With two beautiful women. Donna and Terri. A fun time.

Then to the Bottle Cap for Larry Smith’s variety radio show which was also ustreamed world wide. Great show! Larry does a big time job organizing and directing the show. Jenna was her usual magnificent self.

Terri did a guest appearance. Sang one song. It brought the house down!

Within seconds of her starting to sing, there was absolute silence. You knew you were in the presence of greatness. At the end, a thunderous ovation.

Terri is quality. A true professional.

Pati Wilson-Crimmins is a former Key Wester. She now lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona. She watched Terri’s performance via the internet. She wrote me on Facebook afterwards and said, “Terri just blew the doors off the Groove Lounge.” True.

Cheryl and Roger are back in Key West for the season. A long one for them. They will be here through April.

Cheryl and Roger are from Kankakee, Illinois. Cheryl is a beautiful woman. Both nice people. Good to have them back. They were at the Bottle Cap watching Larry’s show last night.

My good friend Mike Yutzy was in town. Just for the evening. He hooked up with me at the Bottle Cap.

Mike is from Las Vegas. He was with his girl friend of a year. First time I met her. Eimy. Pronounced Amy. She is from Hallendale. Originally from Costa Rica. I told her that was unusual. Many Key Westers and Floridians move to Costa Rica. Others vacation there. She did the trip in reverse.

A lovely woman. She is an accountant. Calls herself simply a bookkeeper.

I joined them later at Martin’s where they were having a late dinner. I like Mike and have always enjoyed his company. Eimy was easy to like. They are a couple. I wish them well!

That was my night. A busy one. A good one.

Today is going to be busy, also. A haircut this morning. A visit to the heart doctor this afternoon for the test results. And bocci tonight.

In between, I will be preparing for tomorrow’s radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour. A multitude of topics to be covered. The terrorist trial results, Michael Vick, Mother Marianne, college tuition for illegal immigrants, the lack of Congressional oversight on spending, Social Secuity judges facing threats, a major County Executive allegedly caught with his hand in the till, the results of the Madoff auction, Iran and human rights attorneys, and more.

Listen in at 10 am friday on KONK 1500 AM radio. Better yet, watch and listen world wide at

Enjoy your day!

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