Hello world!

Still dark outside. I am up a bit early.

The weather suddenly changed around 5 yesterday. A strong wind came in off the ocean from the northeast. Bringing a decided chill with it.

I had bocce. Changed my clothes. To long pants and a sweat shirt. I needed it.

This morning The Key West Lou Legl Hour. A big show! Great topics! Timely!

Like airport security, Haiti and American dollars, President Obama disrespected, terrorist trial result, golfer court case, stripper sued for causing whiplash, private prisons and immigration, Madoff auction results, no congressional oversight as to how money spent, Michael Vick, Truman and November 19, Mother Marianne and college tuition for illegal immigrants.

Plus New Jersey weird dumb laws, a Judge’s wife resigns, Social Security judges threatened, a walk back in history with Teddy Roosevelt, Iran and human rights lawyers, County Executive Jack Johnson and a same sex marriage update.

A full plate!

Listen in!

On the radio at KONK 1500 AM. Watch and listen on the internet world wide at www.konkam.com. 10 am this morning.

My day yesterday started with a haircut. It was Lori time!

Then one of my retirement duties kicked in. I ran errands for Lisa. The cleaners, health food store and drug store.

I spent most of the day working on today’s radio show. With broadway in the background. Terri flitting around practicing her Broadway tunes for her La Te Da Crystal Room opening Thanksgiving evening.

A doctor visit in the middle of the afternoon to get my stress and other test results. I am going to live.

Bocce last night. A bit cold.

It was a money game. We lost the first two games. We played good, we played bad. But not good enough to win. Joanie was spectacular in opposition!

I left after the second game. I still had some more work to do on today’s radio show.

Listen in at 10 this morning! I promise you will enjoy!

Have a good day!

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