I did it! I survived my stress test yesterday!

Yesterday’s stress test was not my first. I have probably done a dozen over the years. However this time I was to do it with the knowledge I have a heart problem. Ergo, the concern.

It was a piece of cake!

Had a number of other tests also. Plus blood work. I get all the results thursday afternoon.

My tests took almost 3 hours. Afterwards, I headed over to Hogfish for lunch. I had had no breakfast since I had to fast for the blood work.

The weather was perfect. I read the newspapers while I ate. A ray of sun was on my back. The warmth felt terrific.

Donna and Terri are busy. Very busy. Terri rehearsed for the first time with Michael Thomas yesterday afternoon. He is going to accompany her for her seven night gig at La Te Da’s Crystal Room. The show Best of Broadway opens Thanksgiving evening. A big deal! Terri is working very hard.

Donna is the back room person of the team. She does the paperwork, negotiating, contacting, etc. A multitude of jobs.

Dinner was at the bar at Outback. Read the Miami papers and watched the Ohio State/Florida basketball game.

Outback is a locals place. Few tourists go. It is out of the way in the Sears shopping center. Mick Barnes was at Outback last night. One of Key West’s prominent attorneys. I walked by without seeing him. He called out to me.

Jackie and Michael Lefferts were there also. In fact, they sat next to me at the bar. Jackie is my primary care physician. A terrific diaognostician. Michael is an occasional golfing buddy.

I was watching TV late in the afternoon. Caught the last bit of a Washington ceremony. The President was bestowing the Congressional Medal of Honor on a soldier. His name is Sol Giunta. He is the first living recipient since the Vietnam War. Sol’s life changed yesterday. Big time!

I received an e mail later in the day from Tom and Cindy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Turns out they know Sol. He lives about a mile from them. They watched him grow up. Yesterday the center of the world was not Key West. It was Cedar Rapids!

Besidce managing Terri, Donna still has her jewelry business. She makes jewelry. Donna is having a showing of her jewelry tomorrow night. Tomorrow evening is the monthly Walk on White. Donna’s will personally be exhibiting at the Stone Soup Gallery at 802 White Street from 6 to 9. Stop in. Her work is exciting!

Golf this morning. I am excited. It has been 10 days since I played last.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The Outback is hardly a locals place – it is a chain for crying out loud and lots of tourists go there especially during Spring Break and Race Week. You want local dinning? Try Michaels, Square One, Seven Fish, Banana Cafe, Harpoon Harrys or Louie's where the real locals hang out. I live here. In Key West. Not Key Haven like yourself. I am a local for many many years. No local I know would venture to New Town and the Outback crap. Or TGIFridays. Might as well not go out. I live here. I know.

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