Yesterday was a normal Sunday. Which is not bad!

Watched Meet the Press and Chris Matthews.

I am beginning to wonder if anyone really knows how to solve the debt problem.

Then to the gym. Boxed first. Learned from the day before. Followed by the treadmill. Tomorrow is my stress test. Hope I am ready for it. I have some concern.

Convenience is a wonderfiul thing. The gym is next door to Don’s Place. A short walk and I was watching pro football. All of Key West is at Don’s Place for pro football on a Sunday aftenoon.

Lisa’s for an early Sunday dinner.

Robert hates broccoli. Lisa says he must eat it. Robert buries the broccoli in ketchup and mustard. Lisa does not care. As long as he eats his broccoli.

Afterwards, it was the Gardens. Kate Miano’s success! Packed! Donna and Terri there, also. Terri sang. Thrilled everyone!

A run of the mill Sunday in Key West. Not bad. Rather good. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour of 11/7/10 is available for viewing on the internet at

Enjoy your day!

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  1. May I take a stab at the debt problem?

    (1) Tie the value of a dollar to some amount of gold. And, reopen the gold window.

    (2) Across the board spending cut of 20%. (That takes us back to 199x levels.) (Every program; everybody gets a haircut.)

    (3) Issue 50 year bonds. Indexed to inflation. Required Congress to payoff (call) 2% every year.

    (4) Zero corporate income tax. (It's a sham. Only real people — mostly poor — pay those taxes.)

    (5) Redo Social Security a la Chile (Three tiers — over 60, stays the same; under 40, sorry no SS for you; 40-60, fielder's choice stay old or go new.

    (6) Convert Medicare to a federal high deductible (say 500$) insurance program.

    (7) Take a 40 year plan to stop the Gooferment from running "education".

    (8) Bring the troops home; reform the "Department of Defense" to be defense.

    (9) End the "(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs". Pardon all non-violent drug offenders.

    Did I miss anything?
    jasper fjohn68

  2. I say take away Social Security from those who don't need it and are getting it now. A means test. Reform by making it end as of 2020. Too bad if you get nothing. Not my problem. Should have saved more so off yourself before you are a burden to society. Keep the war on drugs but make it a stiff penalty. Caught with a joint? Max 25 years HARD LABOUR! Life for those with harder drugs. Make them fix the roads, the infrastructures, dig ditches, etc. Cheap convict labour will repair our ailing systems. And a flat tax all around. No matter the income level. Do away with the loopholes and the IRS. Make pensions taxable at the highest level. No bailouts. No TARP and no borrowing from China. Go back to the gold system.

  3. Hmm, I agree with the Social Security crap IF you stop TAXING my paychecks and give me all MY money to invest. Otherwise, pure Democratic save the pitiful poor druggies crap. In other wards, deal with your own fing retirement and give me my money for mine.

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