Good morning world!

Another lovely Key West day in the making! Not a cloud in the sky. Boats going up and down in front of me. Sunday is party day for the locals. Especially those with boats.

I went to the gym yesterday morning. First time in a few days. My good intentions were set back a bit because of no car. I am getting ready for my stress test tuesday. I did the tread mill first. Fifteen minutes. Got it up to a good speed with some elevation.

Then I headed to the back of the gym to box. I could not get the gloves on. My hands were too sweaty from treadmilling. I washed and dryed my hands. Still too much sweat. Gloves would not slide on no matter how hard I tried.

So I returned to the treadmill for another 10 minutes.

I have learned. Box first. Then the tread mill.

Visited Lisa and the grandkids. Corey was working. Played a bit with Robert and Ally. Robert is into tennis and Ally soon to be. They had new tennis balls. I lobbed the balls and they hit them. Or tried to.

Read the newspapers for a while.

Then I headed home.

Wrote a bit. Then to bed for a nap.

I was awakened by loud hellos! It was Donna and Terri! They had arrived!

We chatted a bit on the deck.

Terri is going to be one busy girl while here. She is doing 7 shows at the Crystal Room at La Te Da. The first one is Thanksgiving evening.

Additionally she has to start getting ready for Follies which she starts rehearsals for in April. The Washigton, D.C. opening with Linda Lavin and Bernadette Peters is in May. One of Terri’s numbers involves a solo 10 minute tap dance. Terri is a hoofer. But it has been years since she tap danced. She needs to practice. She is going to work out here in Key West with Bruce Moore. Bruce is a former Broadway performer who operates a dance studio in Key West where he specializes in teaching tap dancing. Terri is going to get in shape!

Donna and Terri went out to a birthday dinner and then to La Te Da. I cooked a steak and went to bed to watch TV.

My radio show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is now available on the internet at anytime. The November 7th show can be seen and heard at Take a peek.

Today is sunday. First, Meet the Press and Chris Wallace. Then pro football at Don’s Place. Followed by some gym time. The gym is immediately next door to Don’s Place. Tonight I hope to make the Gardens. It has been some time since I did a sunday evening there.

Enjoy your day!

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