The weather outside……delightful!

We are lucky to live in Key West!

Yesterday’s radio show a hit again! People like it! Bountiful favorable reaction after the show!

It is interesting what seems to appeal to the listening audience. The topic that draws the most attention. Yesterday it was Oregon’s law prohibiting self service gas stations. Yes, Oregon has a law that says you can’t pump your own gas!

The people of Oregon are happy with the law. The reason behind its adoption was two fold.

First, Oregonians thought it was more friendly to have someone pump their gas. That simple. The second reason was jobs. Approximately 7,600 people are employed at gas stations pumping gas. A job is a job in a bad economy. These same persons might not otherwise be working. Food for thought here?

Speaking of the radio show, the video for last week’s show is now available. That would be November 7th. If you missed the radio show over the internet, you can watch it at this site. In due course, the radio station will have archiving down to a science and I should be able to offer the show to you more timely.

Afterwards, I visited Lisa and Ally. Ally had the day off from school. Lisa and Ally were having a mother/daughter day.

I spent my afternoon at home writing.

About 4:30 I got a telephone call. My Mercedes was ready. Finally! The mechanic had it for 10 days. Needed a part. Since the car is 23 years old, the part had to come from Germany. I have been without a car since tuesday when I returned my leased Audi. I bummed rides during that time. Fortunately, I had enough friends who were helpful.

This is power boat week. Those very long expensive boats. Big time dangerous racing! Exciting!

The boats were lined along Duval Street for viewing.

Jenna was with me last night. We started the evening by walking a few blocks of Duval admiring the boats. Then it was to the Chart Room. A good crowd. Mostly power boaters. Sean and Katherine there. Michael bartending.

It was the Hot Tin Roof for dinner at the bar. Manager John was all excited! His Wisconsin football team is ranked 5th in the country!

After I dropped Jenna off, I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Glad I did. Many friends. Kurt bartending. At the bar Rob, Bebe, Herschel, Erica, Russ, Angus, Mikey and Boomer.

Key West stores are already featuring Christmas ornaments and gifts. And it is not even Thanksgiving yet!

Speaking of Christmas gifts, take a look at the many interesting items Lisa is offering on her on line gift store Via Key West. You may wish to do some of your holiday shopping simply and easily with Lisa.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. That beautiful weather is up the east coast today….70 in Mass according to my daughter and 75 here in Va Horse country, sunroof weather…I say bring on the global warming.

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