My Key West day yesterday was Dennis’ golf tournament.

Dennis has been manager of Michael’s Restaurant for years. He has decided to move on. He is leaving Key West. For where, I do not know. I don’t think he does either. He is just moving on.

His brother Emmett is bartender at Michael’s. He organized the torunamant. About 40 guys showed up to play.

It was a for real tournament. Free golf balls and tee shirts. Prizes.

A scramble. My teammates were Mick, Adam and Eddy. Nevet met any of them before. I was pleased to be on their team. Long ball hitters! Real long! All three!

We played well. I made my contributions on the short game.

We did not excell. Finished plus 1. We had 2 bogies and only 1 birdie. We were generally putting for birdies. But the putts were too long and did not drop. It was that kind of day.

I enjoyed playing with Mike, Adam and Eddy. Good people! Gentlemen! We had a good time.

Kurt was with us. He drove me. Kurt hurt his shoulder in an accident recently and cannot yet swing a club. He kept us amused.

Jill was with us off and on. Jill is Adam’s girl friend. She is also one of the outside bartenders at Don’s Place. Jill was the official photographer for the tournament.

On the 18th tee, Jill laid down. Exposed her navel. A golf ball was placed on it. Adam stood up and took aim with his driver. I thought…..I don’t believe it! He took a half swing back. Kurt took a picture. And that was it!

It was a great afternoon!

We finished around 5:30. Party time at Don’s Place was scheduled to begin at 6. A crowd of 300 was expected.

I went home to shower and change.

Never left the house. I was tired. I opted to stay in. It’s called old age!

I went to sleep with visions of Jill’s navel in my head! Another sign of old age!

Enjoy your day!

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