Good morning and welcome!

The start of a great day in Key West!

Still cold. 67 degrees. However the temperature is projected to rise to 75 this afternoon. The chill will be gone.

Yesterday morning started in typical Sunday fashion. Me in bed and Meet the Press and other Sunday talk shows on the TV.

In the early afternoon, I was off to Don’s Place. Pro football time.

The whole world gathers at Don’s Place on Sunday afternoons during football season. Don, Stephanie, Tino, Alex, Herschel, Nancy, Kurt, Emmett and more.

David was grilling. Chicken! Covered with barbecue sauce. Delicious!

Only one peron missing. Carole Ann. Where were you Carole Ann?

I brought my gym clothes with me to Don’s Place. The gym I have joined is immediately next door to Don’s Place on Truman.

After I fed myself a bit, enjoyed some football and enjoyed everyone’s company, I went next door to work out.

My second day in a row! What a good boy am I! Boxed a bit and did the tread mill a bit.

Then to Lisa’s.

I read the Sunday papers while Robert and Ally raised hell around me. I have learned to tune them out on occasion. While I was reading the newspapers was one of those times.

Then I layed out on the couch and took a nap. Good!

Dinner was great with Lisa and the family. Lisa cooks well. The grandkids are always entertaining. Robert tends to be serious. Ally has the devil in her. She reminds me so much of Lisa when Lisa was her age.

After dinner, I headed over to Publix. Cupboard bare again! Bought a few things. Very few. Did not even have a cart. I am beginning to think I enjoy shopping so much that I buy less than I need so I can return more often.

It was early to bed.

Big day today!

Dennis has been the manager at Michael’s Restaurant for years. He is leaving. Today is party time in Dennis’ honor.

There is a scramble golf tournament scheduled for 1 this afternoon. Then a party at Don’s Place at 6 tonight. There is a large group playing golf. Even more expected for the party. Like 300!

I am playing and partying! Should be a fun day!

My radio show of October 29 is available for viewing at If you have the time, take a peek.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou,

    Just watched the show for the first time. It was nice to put a face to the words that I've been reading for the past several months!

    Thanks for the blog, my wife and I are frequent visitors to your fine island and the blog helps keep us connected to the place we love so much.

    We'll be down there for Christmas so maybe we'll run into you at one of your local haunts.


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