Good morning!

I am up late. Sorry. I got hung up on an old Robin Hood movie. Errol Flynn and Olivia Dehaviland. Late 1930s. Terrific! Good defeats evil!

Yesterday was a one event day. I had to return my leased Audi to the dealer in Miami. A trip! Eight hours of driving without stops.

Kurt agreed to follow me up. He was my ride back to Key West.

The trip up was beautiful. As far as the eyes could see on either side, ocean! Blue! Sometimes green! Sun reflecting! An occasinal boat!

It is normally a 4 hour trup. My dealer was located in north Miami on Biscayne Boulevard.

It took us 5 hours.

We got lost. Stayed lost.

I was the navigator. I got us to about 4 miles from the dealership. I was on a super highway. Went right when I should have gone left. Twenty miles later, we were in Fort Lauderdale.

I reversed everything. To no avail. Finally, I got off the highway we were on. Located the sun. I wanted to go east. Put the sun behind me and drove forward. Ten minutes later I hit Biscayne Boulevard. Two blocks away was the dealership!

Sort of like navigatgion by the stars!

The return trip should have been easy. It was not. Kurt was driving. We were on a major highway in the heart of Miami. Suddenly it was decision time. Kurt says we should go right. I said no. Go left. Kurt went left. It was the wrong direction.

He should not have listened to me!

A normal 8 hour trip, 4 hours each way, took 10. Not bad under the circumstances.

On the return trip, we were hungry. We had not eaten since breakfast. We stopped at the Islamorada Fish Company. A terrifc place! I had been there before. Kurt had not. A lovely large deck restaurant sitting out on the water.

We arrived at sunset. The view was magnificent.

I had stone crabs. Lots of them. Delicious! Kurt does not like stone crabs. He had grouper.

We got home around 8. Both tired.

I thank Kurt for helping me. And not getting mad at my poor navigation talents!

Tonight is a big Key West evening!

It is Bobby Nesbitt’s birthday. He will be performing at Aqua from 5:30 to 7:30. The place should be packed. He has tons of friends who will be there to wish him well.

At 9 it is the Larry Smith variety show at the Bottle Cap. The KONK radio spectacular. Co-hosted by the lovely and talented Jenna Stauffer.

Then move over to La Te Da. Debra and Patrick are back! The dynmaic duo! Two lovely people who have entertained Key West for years.

I was supposed to play golf this morning. It is wednesday. Robin Hood took precedence. Are my priorities changing? I don’t think so. I just did not feel like getting out of bed.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I had heard La Te Da was closing,, I hope thats just a false rumor..
    Its much better to lease an Audi than to buy one..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  2. La Te Da is not closing.

    Who starts these rumours?

    Patrick and JoJoAnn? AGAIN?

    Please stop flooding with such nonsense. Get your facts correct before posting.

  3. Bike man Bike!

    Two wheel transportation is the only way to ride around Key West.

    Oops – forgot Lou – you live in Key Haven so you have a nice hike to Key West.


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