A relatively quiet day yesterday.

Started with a doctor visit. My internest. Routine. Today I see my heart doctor. Routine also. The appointments just happened to fall close together.

I spent the better part of the day at home doing paperwork and catching up on bills. I hate paying bills!

Dinner was the hightlight of the evening. With Jenna.

The ages separate Jenna and me. She is 25. I am 75. But we have become best friends.

Jenna was a communications major. Television is her goal. She started out well after college. Was a sports broadcaster for a TV station somewhere. I have seen her videos. Terrific!

Then came the recession. It affects every part of American industry. Her TV station was forced to downsize. Jenna was let go.

She has been in Key West for several months. Staying with an aunt and uncle. Seeking a new sport broadcasting job somewhere. Resumes out all over the place.

In the meantime, Jenna has kept busy. She is producing some shows at Konk radio. She co-hosts the Larry Smith variety show wednesday evening at the Bottlecap. The show also airs ad ustreams over Konk radio. She cohosted Pretenders last week with Kathleen Peace. She has done some interviewing work for various businesses and organizations locally.

No grass growing under her feet!

Jenna is a talent waiting to be discovered!

We had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Kathy bartending. I had two charming women keeping me company!

This is not the first time Jenna and I have had dinner or lunch together. She is a cheap date. Eats like a bird. An appetizer or salad. Nothing more. And is as thin as a toothpick! I wish I had her will power!

After dnner, we walked Duval to Vinos. Clayton and Valerie’s new wine bar. A good crowd for a monday evening.

Che was there. Sitting out on the porch watching the street go by. I chatted with Che for a few minutes.

Jenna and I sat at the opposite end of the porch. Che called over and wanted to know why I wasn’t joining him. I said who wants you when I have her! Pointing to Jenna. Che laughed.

We idled the time away chatting about Jenna’s professional activities in Key West, her hopes for the future and that sort of thing.

Valerie showed up at one point. It was good to see her. She and Clayton are working had to make a go of Vinos. I think they will.

That was my yesterday. Nothing dramatic. A normal day with an interesting Jenna woven in.

I have to vote today. Forgot to do so.

Enjoy your today!

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  1. A talent waiting to be discovered would have more opportunities in a real market – Key West isn't the best jumping off point. Head to Miami, Ft Lauderdale, even Tampa and try your luck there because the depressed market of Key West employment plus any lack of true radio and no television stations isn't a place to start your career. Just spinning wheels around here.

    Do you realize how many people are bartending, waiting tables and doing odd jobs that have PhD's or advanced degrees plus years of experience in the biz world? And this is NOT because they are retired or just enjoy the change. There are lots of unemployed, underemployed and desperate souls in Key West trying to make a better life, getting some money to live on and hoping to get out of here or land a better job. And unless you are a native Conch or connected, you aren't getting a local govt. job. Sure, if you are military or work for them you are safe but if you work in the tourist economy, heaven help you – the ups and downs and downs and downs are making for a huge depression around here. Foreclosures are at historic levels with more shadow inventory to follow. Plus, small biz interests in this town pay so much less than the mainland it is criminal.

    Tell her to get packed and get out so she can advance her life and career without living off the rich old man (come off it Lou – it is sooooo obvious why she wants to spend time in your company – you are buying!) just hoping to be left something in his will when he kicks the bucket.

  2. Anonymous –

    Enough already. Please back away from your computer, start walking due east and keep walking until the water reaches yor nostrils. Then, take a long, deep breath.

  3. Sorry, I gotta agree to a point with poster 1 who is merely stating known facts about the island and the rest of the USA. The economy is bad and anything you do to improve your situation is best. If you have the means and are not tied down, it is well worth your while to move to a new locale and start fresh. Exhaust the internet, search all avenues for employment and never give up hope because it will someday turn around. As long as we get some new voices in government who will do something to stimulate this economy.

  4. what a country we live in. You are bankrupt in NY State,the bank has forcloused on the home you owned,your former wife of over 40 yrs. is bakeing cookies,cake and pies and selling them to supplement her meeker income,and she is looking for an apartment to live in.,and you are enjoying yourself in Key West and traveling around the country. What a country America is. God Bless America!!

  5. Unless u know the true story, U Mr. Upstate NY shouldnt make such negative comments. Also surprises me that someone as negative as u r even takes the time 2 read this blog. So think about your own guilt.I am sure u r living off someones success

  6. everything that I have written about it TRUE!!! If you don't think so check with someone in Utica,NY. I have no guilt for stateing FACT!!!

  7. Remember this – the blogger has his own house on Key Haven for sale. Just in case anyone wants to know. Check it out on the Key West MLS. Everyone here knows the score. His blog is often just whimsicle fairy tales. So much for his Life in Key West.

  8. Jealousy and envy sure are running deep north and, so it seems south. Louis keep up the great blog and…having experienced so much of it with you, trust me when I say there really isn't too much fairy tale. Ha Ha Ha. As for Utica, New York, is it still open?

    God Bless you my friend, onward and upward.

  9. It may be bitter and depressing but if the information is true it is to be noted. As with anything, follow the money…if the shoe fits….and never believe everything someone blogs.

  10. Sure its a silly blog written by an old man who left his wife and life in NY for KW and a cute babe and refinanced his home to almost losing it and is selling it to boot. He spins tales of island life that naive readers think are quirky but are in reality the ramblings of a man with too much time and not enough to keep him busy. As a Conch I feel sorry that Lou has no clue about island life and is fooling around spinning tall tales with little sustance or appeal. He has not a clue. But his past has caught up with him…..and we know there are more juicy tidbits yet to come!

  11. So Lou's house is not in Key West but on Key Haven which is A whole other island? Past The KW golf course, past Stock Island and at MM 7? And its for sale and he almost lost it to foreclosure – lis pend is the first step once the owner stops paying their mortgage? Wow! Gee Lou what gives and if this info is correct – hmmm. Clerk of the Court for the county will tell but the stuff about the days and wife in Utica…. Too much to process. P J

  12. I would love for the anonymous trash talker to reveal themselves. You're sitting there slinging insults hiding behind your keyboard, and yet have offered zero concrete evidence. Even if it is true, what business of it is yours? Ours?

    Boston, MA

  13. If you blog, you put your life for all to see and get your pseudo 15 minutes of fame.

    When we posters tell the truth, why not inform the readers of who the author is in real life and not just the happy world he likes to create in his blog.

    Listen and learn my friend. You'd be much better off than the fantasy land of spin.

  14. Yeah, not really sure what there is to learn about it. What is your ax grind? You're putting yourself out there, so why so vindictive? It's a simple a blog, it doesn't have to revolve around every facet of a person's life. It's whatever the author wants it to be about. Apparently you're on some pedastole who's trying to reveal a 'truth' that only you seem to care about. As a matter a fact you care so much about it that you take the time out of your day to read it and then post. Spend more time worrying about yourself.

    Boston, MA

  15. Pott to kettle — you seem to spend a lot of time here on this blog. Are you afraid of the truth or do you just like seeing your name in print????????????

  16. GIVE

    You two idiots, Matt & the anon pot/kettle poster are both just wanting the last word.

    Well, I have it and you two need to stay off the computers and get back to school or your mothers will find out your playing on the Internet again.

    How childish of you both.

    Stop it.

    Stop it right now.

    Signed P & J

  17. Like I said, kids on the web when they should be in school.

    That or the 40 year old virgin fat guy in his parents basement because he has no life.

    Either way, you fit the bill.

    So sad.

    Then again, who cares?!!!!

    Signed P & J

  18. Apparently you two blowhards care. Ya'll just sit next to each other on the computer and peck away like a couple of hens?

  19. Spoken like the mother hen in the barnyard.

    Now lets end this once and for all and yes, I get the LAST WORD fools!



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