Yesterday was an ordinary day. Especially by Key West standards.

I basically did nothing but personal housekeeping chores.

My day started with a haircut. Always a pleasure to see Lori. We spoke of the grandkids. She does their hair. They were in last Saturday. Ally is becoming a problem. She is strong willed and of a single mind set. Much like her mother was. Ally does not want her hair cut. Only a trim. She has a tiny face. We are lucky to see it!

Following the haircut, I voted. There were only two of us to vote. Contrasted with two years ago when Obama was running and I had to wait 15 minutes. Even though Florida has early voting, I viewed the lack of voters as an indication of a light turnout. Good for who! Good for which party?

Then to the Coffee House. Sipped and read. Browsed through the New York Times. The place was packed. Surprised me. Fantasy Fest is over. Guess there are a lot of vacationers in town. A good time to be here. Great weather. Peaceful.

I had a heart doctor appointment in the afternoon. Thought it was a routine one. Ended up having some tests I had not anticipated. More scheduled for Novemebr 16th. I have to do a stress test, plus some other things.

I put the stress test off two weeks. I am not in shape. Even my walking has been sporadic. A doctor friend in Utica once told me you have to practice for a stress test. I will be signing up at a gym tomorrow and working out, amongst other things, on a tread mill for two weeks in preparation.

Love politics! So I stayed in last night to watch the results. Woke periodically during the night to keep up. We are back to split government. Good? Bad? Who knows anymore.

We are screwed up as a Nation.

There is a quote I have repeated on several radio shows recently. Jesus Christ said it. Matthew recorded it. Lincoln repeated it. Matthew 12:25. “…every city and house divided against itself will not stand.”

A house divided cannot stand!

We must come together!

The Parrotheads are starting to drift into town. By the weekend, there will be thousands here. Jimmy Buffett followers! Middle Americans! Wearing their crazy hats from whence the parrothead designation derives. Having a wonderful time!

The fall has been terrific so far weather wise. Especially since no hurricanes visited us! The temperature has consistently been in the high 80s to low 90s. A cold front is projected for the weekend. Our first one in a long while. The cold front was the talk of the town yesterdy. Locals excited. A bit of cool weather is always welcome.

The temperature will drop to the low 70s! Believe it or not, it will be cool/cold to those living in the keys. Perhaps long pants time.

I know this is a joke to those of you up north. Yesterday the temperature was 41 in upstate New York.

Golf this morning! I have a feeling I will play well. Plus the guys I play with are a joy. Good people all!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good day to you Mr Lou, Keep up the working out even at the age of 75. It will keep that great heart a ticking. I walk 7 days a week 5 to 12 miles. Not bad for a 72 old X Utica NY guy.
    My day is soon for a trip to Key West. Bobby

  2. Lou,
    His name is spelled Buffett, no relation to Warren though.

    Jack K, a brother Jasper AND a parrothead

  3. Lou,

    You don't need to get in shape for your treadmill test. The purpose of the test is to get your heart rate to the maximum rate and see how it performs. The more in shape you are, the longer it will take to get your heart rate up to maximum.

    So just relax and get the test overwith so they can diagnose your problem.

    On a divided government, that is what the founders intended. It should be difficult to make changes at the national level, affecting so many diverse lives. When one party is totally in control you get the kind of disruption you are seeing now.

  4. Yes Lou – the American public has spoken loud and clear. No more Washington Obama shove-the-crap-down-your-throat-and-please-don't-read-the-bill politics! No more Pelosi! No more Dems having the House! The public spoke loud and clear. Now lets make sure Obama health care is repealed or not funded! Extend the Bush tax credits! No crap-and-trade! No more bailouts or buy outs for sake of the unions. And our one term Prez will go down as the worst in history – Carter can breathe a sigh of relief to know he will only the the second worst. Thank you American public! Thank you!

  5. The problem is that it was a republican President (Bush-Lite) that started the financial bailouts…eg. TARP to save the failing banker's asses who sold mortgages to dead winos lying in the street. The Republicanos are a mirror reflection of the Democratix folks; each out for their own constituents. Elephants for the rich hence we need all the bush tax cuts (not credits, btw), especially for the 1%ers making more than 250 grand as we all know how they are hurting. Demo Asses in the thrall of the unions and special interests, cutting checks for everyone, having Ben print the cash and screwing every hardworking and saving American in the process.

    Unless we really get a true THIRD party with national support all we will have is pendulum swinging gridlock between the clueless rich and the clueless socialists.

    I agree Obamacare is crazy but what about these points: extension of health care for your kids to 25 on the policy YOU work for, not permitting our friends the insurance companies to drop your coverage as soon as you get sick (heck isn't that why we buy it in the first place) and allowing sick and injured people to buy coverage at affordable rates. All of that seems pretty fair to me.

  6. Go T E A. P A R T Y !!!

    Repeal Obama care! Quit blaming Bush when Obama OWNS it– he spent and spent . Incompetant fool who acts like a child not accepting the fact that Libs and DEMS screwed up the country.

    Just wait til we kick him out in two years for a Tea Party prez!

  7. The arrogance of Obama knows no bounds; If not arrogance, then ignorance. Does he not know or care that you cannot grow an economy based only on government spending with borrowed money? He has the gall to tell his news confernce that he's doing quite well, but the people just don't get it. In other words, with typical left-wing logic, everyone else is stupid. The people do get it, Mr. President. There is no doubt that if yesterday's vote had been for a president, or if they had not been electing only one third of the Senate, the democrats would have been wiped out completely. Does he not realize that his massive revolution in the health care system can only be paid for by the public purse or working Americans, not the insurance industry, or big business. Yes, Obama, the public has spoken and it's your turn to listen.

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