Good morning!

Rain! Big time during the night! Paula.

Paula has graduated. From a tropical storm to a hurricane 2. It is presently south of Cuba and near Hondouras. The projections indicate it will miss Key West. Only a 20 per cent chance it will hit the keys at all. Paula is presently bringing rain to Key West, even though it is still 400 miles to the south.

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. Not today.The heavy rains during the night and the distinct probablility of rain this morning suggest no golf today.

Yesterday was a good day. A very good one. Especially the evening.

I have house guests. Donna and Terri. I saw Donna for the first time yesterday morning while I was doing the blog. She had just rolled out of bed. Looked terrific! A great hairdo! Ho ho! A wrinkled tee shirt. A hug and kiss for Louis.

I ran errands in the morning. Then to Lady Luck for lunch. My body craved a cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. The diet was out the window! I capitulated!

Owner Jana looked good! Shorts and a tee shirt. Key West attire for male and female alike. She was wearing a baseball cap. Backwards. Looked terrific on her!

Then home and some paper work.

Terri was sitting on the front porch. It was pouring. Heavy.

Terri is always outside. Generally by the water. Yesterday the water was all around. I commented on how she is always outside. She says she loves it! Especially here in Key West at my home. She said it is impossible to experience the outdoor feeling in New York City. Too many tall buildings. She loves the view, the smell, the taste and the sounds. The water in the ocean passing by and the rain drops on the shrubbery in front especially.

A sensitive woman! Maybe that is why she is a Broadway star!

Donna, Terri and I had dinner at La Trattoria. A fun evening! I love these girls! We get along terrifically! It was laugh, laugh, laugh.

After dinner, we decided to walk the few blocks of Duval to the new Vinos. On the way, Mark Watson came out of Aqua. He saw us and walked across the street. A great singer and bartender. A good person. A close friend to Donna and Terri.

Vinos. My first time there. Just opened a couple of weeks ago. A wine bar. Proprietors are friends Clayton and Valerie.

It is located on Duval, a couple of doors from Croissant de France.

Wow! Beautiful! Reflects careful planning and great taste. I would not have expected less from Clayton and Valerie. Even the unisex bathroom is done well!

They erected an outside porch. Perfect for two tables. Jutting out onto Duval. Good for sitting and watching the world go by. Which is what we did.

Many friends.

Jean Thornton. She has been back about 3 weeks and last night was the first time we ran into each other. One of Mel Fisher’s Golden Girls, she has a personality equal to the gold and jewels she discovered beneath the water.

Another Donna. Donna Ruebeling Bruton. I had only met this Donna one time previously. Last April at the Chart Room. She then returned to somewhere in the west or midwest to live. Recently decided to return to Key West. I feel like I know her better than a one time brief meeting. She reads my blog every day! Religiously! A loyal reader! She writes me. So we have become friends via the internet. I know her well as she does me.

I enjoyed my time with my other Donna last night.

Captain Frank was there also. A Vice Admiral in the Conch Republic Navy, Frank also captains a vessel for another.

Ray was there. I am ashamed to say I know nothing about him. I have seen him and chatted a bit in the past at the Chart Room. Seems to be a nice guy. When I went to pay my bill, I was told he had picked up the tab for everyone.

We all sat at a round table on Vinos’ porch and chatted. And laughed. It was a good time!

Again, Vinos itself is magnificent. Clayton and Valerie are to be complimented. They are proud of their accomplishment. They were walking around like new born parents.

The sun is now up. Sort of. White and gray clouds. Sun trying to peek through. The rain has stopped. Judgment time. Reconsideration time. Can I play golf this morning?

I have decided the course will be too wet and that it will rain further during the morning. I just left Don Manaher a message telling him I was not playing.

Tonight is Larry Smith’s variety show at the Bottle Cap. 9 pm. Listen and watch on the internet at Terri is doing a guest appearance. She will be singing Summertime.

Enjoy your day!

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