Rain! Heavy this morning!

I am not good at predicting the weather. But I am sure it is going to rain all day. Would bet money on it!

Where is it coming from? Paula? Paula was a tropical storm off the Yucatan. This morning it has been upgraded to a 1 hurricane. Its effect is sweeping across south Florida. So sayeth the weather reports. So it has to be Paula.

Son in law Corey knows about these things. Last night he told me there was a storm brewing to the south that would hit Key West next week. Paula? Or another?

Whatever, if it does, it will be the first storm to hit Key West this year.

Golf yesterday!

I could not wait till Wednesday. It had been two weeks since I played. I was anxious to get out. l played with Larry, Chuck and Mark.

I am proud to report I played the best round of golf in 10 years! Shot 104. Laugh, if you will. But it is a far cry from the 125 t0 135 I was shooting 6 months ago.

I had 3 natural pars. But 3 8s also. If those 8s were 6s, I would haved broken 100! I have not done so in 10 years! But I am creeping up on it. I am confident!

My drives and pitch shots were right on. I was deadly from 150 yeards in. My iron play was professional. My putting was not.

Chuck was the big winner. $12. I won $9. Mark and Larry were the losers.

I hurried home to shower. Had a dentist appointment. Broke another cap.

Saw Terri. Donna and Terri are my house guests for 3 weeks. They arrived after I left for Utica. I had not seen them yet. I still have not seen Donna.

Terri was outside sun bathing. She always is. She works on her tan. I am amused. Terri is black. Black black. She is naturally tanned. But no, it does not work that way. I kid Terri about it. She shows me the difference beteween her exposed body and covered body. Black people tan!

The dentist visit was interesting. I need major dental work. Have been avoiding it for years. I dislike the experience. Goes back to my youth when I actally jumped out of a dentist’s chair and ran down the stairs and out the building. He was hurting me!

I am reviewing the options. However the work must be done. I am facing 6 months of grief and discomfort once I start.

I visited with Lisa and the family on my way out last night. Love the grandkids. They love me. Always kissing and hugging. And showing me things. Like what they learned in school that day.

The Chart Room was empty. Only me and Michael. Michael bartending. We talked long.

Two new places have opened. I suspect the usual Chart Room crowd is frequenting the new establishments for a while. The Porch and Vinos. I have yet to visit either. Soon.
Dinner was at the Sports Page Bar. Enjoyed Chris’ company. She recently moved. Has more room. And a yard with a pool. She cooks. I am waiting for an invitation.
Spoke briefly with owner Patrick.
There was a big crowd. Monday night football.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. You should tell Terri that black people also get skin cancer from over exposure to the sun. Melanoma is NOT fun for anyone. Take it from one who knows.

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