I noticed when I was being driven home from the airport Saturday night that the water was high. The tide was obviously in. Seemed higher, however.

Yesterday during high tide, I noticed it again. The water was definitely higher!

I mentioned it to Corey at dinner last night. My observation was correct. The tides were abnormally higher at high tide.

I got an education to boot!

Corey told me that the tide is highest when the moon is closest to the earth. It is called perigee. As opposed to apogee, when the moon is furthest from the earth.

This is the first perigee incident that Corey recalled. The result of the moon being so close to the earth is that the gravitational pull is greater and the tides accordingly higher.

Corey and Lisa live in the middle of Key West. No where near the water. However on Saturday during the high tide, Corey and Lisa observed water bubbling up from the earth in their back yard. It was the effect of perigee and high tide. Remember Key West lies at sea level. You don’t have dig far to run into water.

Corey was concened that the salt water bubbling up would destroy the lawn and plants. He had experienced this problem with Wilma when the property was flooded with 6 feet of water. Everything had to be replanted. Time will tell if these few days of salt water will have a terminal affect on the grass and plants.

Oh, the things I learn living in Key West!

Yesterday was spent in catching up after having been away for a week.

I grocery shopped. Cleaned out the refrigerator. Went to the drug store. Took out the garbage. Tided up the house.

The single life is wonderful!

Never made it to Don’s Place. I was too busy.

The first thing I did in the morning was to visit Lisa and the grandkids. Poppa had returned! Robert and Ally ran out to greet me. A God is good moment!

Sunday dinner was with Lisa and the family also.

After dinner, Corey took Robert and Ally into the street to scooter. From one end of the block to the other. Robert was obviously stronger. He was way ahead of his sister at all times. But Ally moved her feet as hard as she could trying to cach him. A sight to behold!

My day is set.

I am playing golf this morning. I could not wait till Wednesday. It has been two weeks.

This afternoon is the dentist again. While up north, I cracked another cap. Too many nuts on this diet.

That last sentence is possible of two connotations.

Enjoy your day!

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