I am home!

Back in Key West!

Slept in my own bed last night!

Everything is good again!

Corey picked me up at the airport at 9:30. A terrific son in law!

The weather was just right when I arrived. Neither warm nor cool. Corey and I talked about the weather. He said it was perfect this past week. Like early December. He also told me a storm was developing in the Caribbean south of Cuba. Could be a problem next week.

It was a 3 plane trip home. Syracuse to Philadelphia to Miami to Key West. I left Utica at 9:30 in the morning and arrived in Key West at 9:30 in the evening.

I lucked out on the longest leg of the trip. Philly to Miami. Was upgraded to first class. I was having trouble with those check in machines in Syracuse. A nice female attendant helped me. I asked if I could have exit row seats. She said how about first class!

Ineptness has its rewards!

I bought my ticket over Cheap Tickets. A good deal. Except I had to change airlines in Miami. A long haul from one end of the airport to the other. Even a train ride. And the longest airport walk ever afterward.

It has been years since I flew through Miami. The airport needs cosmetic updating. It is starting to look seedy.

All the newspapers ran front page updates yesterday on the Bank of America story. The sales issue I commented on yesterday was now described as “foreclosures and foreclosure sales.”


I spoke about the Bank of America problem two weeks ago on my radio show. The newspapers at the time were talking about J P Morgaan Chase and GMAC. What about Bank of America, I asked. A major mortgage lender and sinner, also.

Six months ago I did a whole radio show on the mortgage debacle as I saw it at the time. No one was talking about the bank screw ups then. I knew they had to exist. A bank cannot lend all that money and sell the paper without short cutting the system. Nor could it peform so many foreclosures properly. There had to be improprieties. I was a voice in the wilderness. Glad this phase of an American tragedy is now being exposed for public and legal scrutiny.

Still dark outside. I can hear the water. A comforting sound. That and the wind in the palm trees. Happy to have both surrounding me.

The first thing this morning is visiting Lisa and the grandkids. Missed them!

Then a manicure. It has been two weeks. My nails look like I am preparing for a Dracula audition.

Don’s Place this afternoon. I have missed my friends.

Hope Marty is back in town. Where are you, Marty?

Sunday dinner this evening with Lisa and the family.

I watched my diet this past week while up north. Religiously. I have become a vegetarian of sorts. I did not lose a pound! Pants are looser. But no satisfaction at the scale. I have to add working out to the agenda.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Marty is in Hallandale Beach getting ready to put his house on the market so I can stay in Key West year-round. Best regards, Lou. PS: I'll be down this week, sometime.

  2. You left at the right time,, we had a hard frost last night,, everything is white..
    I think we just may head down for Fantasy Fest..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  3. I can't agree with you more. MIA is a pit. We avoid at all cost going through FLL instead. A little longer drive down to Cudjoe but it's worth it.

  4. We also try for FLL rather than MIA (although at $250 per ticket into MIA, I'll go there).

    We always rent a car so the actual time from landing to the keys is very similar.

  5. What is a vegetarian of sorts? Either you are or you are not. Vegetarian means NO beef, pork, poultry or seafood. Get it?

    Now some will eat eggs and cheese or Lacto-Ovo vegetarians. However, no and by no means NO! vegetarian is an off-again-on-again-what-ever-the-mood-strikes-you vegetarian.

    Get it? Don't insult us if you can't keep up with the program. Want to impress – become a VEGAN! I'll bet your pants will really be too big then plus you will feel better, look better and live longer.

  6. Really?…being a VEGAN makes you live longer?

    It would be interesting to do a study of people who live past 100 years, as to how many have always been VEGAN

  7. Look at all those villages in Russia where the people live off yoghurt and are over 100. I bet the diet they eat is mostly grains and dairy. The countries around the Med also eat healthy diets of grains, fruits and veggies with no meat.

    They live a long time. Don't you want to as well????

  8. I don't really see many 100 yr olds having all that much fun.

    Most parts of the human body aren't built to last much longer than 80 years without breaking down.

  9. ' Yoghurt ' ,, humm,, boy,, thats sounds tasty and healthy.. That may be good for the russians,,but,, since I'm by nature still a predator and my eyes set in the center of my head and face forward,, I'll keep on enjoying a nice steak or greasy hamburger every now and again.. Now, I don't having some yogurt from time to time as long as you can cover up the taste with something else.. Isn't it amazing the attitude some can have when they never affix a name to a post..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  10. Typical uneducated (or should I say backward) Americans who can not spell yoghurt. To us Europeans, that is the correct spelling.

    I expected a snide comment on the posting. It is too bad – your ignorance is showing. Then again, look at your entire education system. No wonder your country is sliding into the abyss of economic disaster.

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