100,000 CHICKENS

Key West is known for its chickens. Chickens everywhere. Tourists love them. Few locals do. The chickens are dirty and germ ridden. Not eating chickens.

Chickens properly bred and raised are ok, however. Clean healthy birds.

Bill Gates recently announced a 100,000 chicken program. One his wife Melinda is joining with him to put together. One supported also by Hefner International.

Gates wants to send 100,000 chickens world wide to poor countries. They are cheap and easy to raise. Healthy food for children.

A good idea. My anti-chicken bias is limited to Key West chickens.

We are running out of food. World population on the rise. Fish in oceans not endless.

Squid and octopus not diminishing in number, however. On the rise. Climate change, pollution and over fishing does not seem to affect them.

Most already love squid. Calamari!

As to octopus, I fear not many have had the opportunity to enjoy octopus. I did many times in Greece.

The first time I was on a small boat going nowhere. Just drifting around. We ended up on a small island. Probably had a name. I do not recall. Where we landed was only a small house and a smaller building behind it. The smaller building the outhouse. .

We were hungry. The man and woman living in the house were happy to feed us. Octopus!

The cooking was done on an outside grill. The kind used in the U.S. to cook outside.

The octopus was about two feet in diameter. He chopped a tentacle off. Threw it on the grill. Spent time cooking, turning it over.

When done, placed on my plate. About five inches long and three inches in diameter. Hollow inside. The skin a quarter inch thick.

While cooking, brush basted with oil.

I cut into my piece. Cut easy. Like a knife through soft butter. The taste. Delicious. Tender. Brought a smile to my face. A chunk of bread and octopus on a basically deserted island. What more could I ask for?

The moral of the story. Do not fear octopus. Youu will love it! Guaranteed!

Spent yesterday preparing for last night’s blog talk radio show.

Did the show at 9. Two topics excited me more than normal. I led off with them. A cashless society and carless dealerships.

A cashless society is on its way. No more paper bills or coins. A card. Sort of like a debit card. All spending, transactions done via the card.

I predict the U.S. will be a cashless society within 5 years. Banks and corporations love the idea. The Federal Reserve favors it. What can the 99 percent say?

I am against a cashless society.

Imagine going to buy a new car. No cars in the lot. No cars inside the dealership. You will be greeted and sold digitally. Earphones with a viewing screen built in. General Motors is preparing to test the process in some Cadillac dealerships next year.

A quick dinner before the show at Hogfish. Fish and chips. Hogfish fish and chips.

Debra and Patrick return to Key West! Tonight. at La Te Da. The best of the best. Do yourself a favor and go listen to Debra sing.

An observation. We are moving closer to George Orwell’s 1984 every day.

This week’s KONK Life hits the stands at 5 this afternoon. I have a special column this week. Corn Flakes…..Cure Masturbation. Humor and discomfort. Nuts involved. And I do not mean the edible ones.

Enjoy your day!




7 comments on “100,000 CHICKENS

  1. We are running out of food. Within the next couple decades we’ll need to produce twice the food from the same acreage. Thats where hybridization and GM comes in.

  2. That is assuming, of course, that the industry’s mantra of messing with the genetic make-up of Mother Nature goes smoothly. History shows us it never does.

    New diseases and unanticipated issues will arise. They always do. For example, we are poised to enter a “Post Anti-Biotic” age soon when a mere cut on your hand has the every real probability of killing you.

    Hybrids produced by nature can produce superior seeds, however, they also can produce inferior products. In the past, manufacturers have purposefully doctored hybrids to create needs for more fertilizer and pesticides for survival, all to sell product. Once hybrids are out in nature, anything goes so these manufactured bad traits can proliferate.

    As for modifying genes in seeds, this leads to total dependence by farmers on manufacturers and also release of the modifications into the wild. Sometimes this is benign, often it is not.

    I predict food will be an issue in the future. Regardless of any efforts we make as population is not slowing anytime soon and as Lou notes, the oceans are changing. Calamari is mighty fine but it will never replace a great grouper or snapper.

  3. Man has been fooling around with Mother Nature since he became upright, maybe even before.
    The old fashioned labor intensive way of man hybridizing anything has generally had good affects on society such as food stuffs, animals, etc. But, as in anything there can be bad things. Many species of animals and food have become extinct or almost so.
    The new fashioned way of GM has had good affect on many things and has speed up the process. Its surprising to many just how many GM products they consume every day.
    But, again, bad can and has come with the good. I do not like the idea of herbicides and pesticides being incorporated into seeds. I also don’t like government mandates that antibiotics and hormones be fed to dairy and cattle herds. The same government is now looking into this practice as a possible cause for our increase in autism and alzheimers. Talk about the right hand and the left hand.
    I too don’t like the idea of certain large companies having farmers by the conjones, but, they have allowed that to happen.
    Squid is good and it certainly won’t replace a good piece of fish. There is nothing like a good piece of Hogfish, but, the populations are being depleted. A close 2nd is Snapper, I like catching a cooler full of Yellow Tails.

    • Agreed. Hogfish is also great. The GMO issue is one of corporate control not agriculture and I know farmers hate it.

  4. You were looking for Heifer International, as in a female cow that hasn’t had a calf yet. I don’t think Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dabbles too much in food-based charities.

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