The season has arrived. Unquestionably.

From what I can see, not as many tourists as normal. Might be Irma and the fear Key West not ready to accept tourists. Which is not the case. Or, it could be the cost of a Key West vacation. Pricey. I have begun to wonder if Key West is going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

A different story as  to snowbirds. Those who have second homes in Key West and return on a regular basis. They are here ten fold.

I pointed out yesterday the massive turnout at the Gardens sunday. Mostly snowbirds. Last night the same at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. The crowd unusually big.

Tom Luna and Rick Dery their usual selves. Their singing off the walls. Everyone joining in. The fun part.

Ran into Joe Lysle at Aqua. Made a  mistake a few days ago when I reported he was the new concierge at Casa Marina. He is a concierge, though at the Reach. Both Waldorf Astoria Hotels.

Enjoyed dinner at Tavern ‘n Town following Dueling Bartenders.

I frequently complain about bicyclists. A danger to themselves and the autos on the streets. Bicyclists have no consideration for rules of the road. One way streets, stop signs, red lights, etc. They think they own the roads. Tourists primarily.

Every day a danger.

In the dark of last night, I was returning home. Almost two accidents involving my car and a bicycle. Both bicyclists without lights and ran stop signs.

An accident did occur over the weekend. A bicyclist at 2:19 in the morning driving the wrong way on one way Olivia Street. Came into contact with a Key West police SUV at the intersection of Olivia with White Street.

The bicyclists hit his head on the front passenger door of the police vehicle. He was helicoptered to a Miami trauma center. The police officer and the K-9 dog with him sustained no injuries.

Irma’s after effects refuse to go away. Irma hit the lower Keys September 10. Work still to be done.

Debris clean up major! County and back roads the last to get attention. The County announced yesterday that all debris has been finally removed from County roads.

A major undertaking!

Next, the canals and waterways close to shore. Homes, boats, refrigerators, TV sets, etc. plugging the canals and shore lines. Together with trees and shrubbery.

The last chapter of my recent book Irma and Me is titled Post Irma and is dated October 15. I wrote at the time the debris clean up was on going. Noted…..The debris is non-ending.

I did not realize how correct I was! Here it is five months later and the work continues.

This morning’s Key West Citizen in its History Section mentioned Key West’s first electric trolley car began operation on Duval Street this date 1899. Carried 500 people the first day.

Brought to mind my youthful days. I clearly recall riding electric trolley cars in my home town Utica. The Bleecker Street line. In the late 1930’s into 1941. I was anywhere from 3-6 years old at the time.

I googled Utica and electric trolley cars. Came up with This Week in Mohawk Valley History. Includes Utica. The author Frank Tomaino, an outstanding newspaper man back when.

His article indicated Utica’s first trolleys were horse drawn. Began operating in 1863. The first electric trolley St. Patrick’s Day 1890. The last Utica electric trolley train 1941. Went to the barn forever.

Tuesday again. Comes frequently every week. Tonight, my podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

So much happening these days. Most news worthy. I am constantly revising the tuesday night show. As late as dinner time on tuesday. Things worthy of comment occurring hourly it seems.

Tonight will be a fast moving half hour show covering 10 or so topics of interest. My opinions also, of course. Join me. I guarantee you will enjoy.

Portraits of former American Presidents and their spouses hang in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Those of President Obama and Michelle were unveiled yesterday.

Loved Barack’s. Different. The artist Kehinde Wiley. A black man. Established.

News releases today indicated Wiley enjoys challenging the power of white women in his works. Black women decapitating white women.

Did the President know? He must have. He and Michelle selected their artists.

Michelle’s painting I did not like. The concept lovely. Problem is the painting does not look like Michelle.

Michelle’s artist Amy Sherald. A black woman. She had a heart transplant several years ago.

Trump never seems to blame men for sexual wrongdoings. Denial by the man sufficient grounds not to denounce him.

Trump is sick. His thinking probably motivated by the 17 odd women who claimed during the election that they had been sexually harassed by him. He denied the charges. Must be he does not want to blow his cover of denial by not accepting the denials of others.

Enjoy your day!



Fishing is important to Key West and the rest of the Florida keys. To the whole world actually. For food and sport.

A recent study reveals marine population is diminishing. Since 1970, marine life has fallen 49 percent. Two causes. Over fishing and climate change.

Re over fishing, fish are being caught faster than they can reproduce.

As to climate change, carbon dioxide is blamed. The carbon dioxide is being absorbed into the oceans. Such makes the waters more acidic. Unhealthy for all marine species.

Wednesday is my day! Screw off time. I spend friday through tuesday researching and writing. Time deadlines involved. Sunday for the KONK Life column. Tuesday for the blog talk radio show. Like a full time job. Love it!

I spent a bit of time yesterday fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

The show went well. I decided before hand not to mention politics, Trump, or Hillary. I have had it up to here! I am smiling as I write that. Though true, I still cannot wait to watch the debates tonight.

An issue garnering interest last night involved Afghanistan. Specifically, Afghanistan’s opium and heroin trade.

The U.S. military first entered Afghanistan in 2001. Since that time, opium production has doubled. Heroin, tripled. How can this happen if Afghanistan is and has been a bloody battlefield? One from which people seek to escape.

The reason is simple. The opium fields and its workers are not touched by the war. There is no spill over of the war into the poppy growing farm lands. Off limit terrain.

Note the heroin production finds its way to the streets of America. The American people are the largest consumer of Afghan heroin.

Someone has to be on the take. Probably many. Could extend to some of our people over there.

The whole scenario amazing!

Roostica for dinner. Generally where I eat show nights. Close to home.

Fran from Buffalo, my Italian canning friend, suggested I try the Sicilian pizza at Roostica. A deep dish pizza. I do not particularly enjoy pizza. Rarely order it. However based on Fran’s recommendation, I did last night.

Wow! Absolutely delicious! Too much for one meal for me. Half sits in the refrigerator. Probably my lunch today. It will taste even better cold.

I am a political junkie. Yet the primary campaigns are turning me off. I am sick of the political pundits. Yet as mentioned earlier, I will be watching the debates tonight.

I was flipping through a high end magazine. Came across an ad for Piguet watches.

Some thirty years ago, I was in New York City on business. Had some free time. Walked a portion of Fifth Ave. I had always wanted an expensive watch. In front of me was an expensive watch store. Nothing but high priced watches for sale.

The store was crowded. Christmas time.

I looked through the show cases in the center of the store. Decided on a $25,000 Piguet. I was making money. I could afford it. I wanted to be good to Louis.

To get a sales person was impossible. One had to stand in line quite a while until the counter was reached. There were many lines.

I stood in line and finally got to a sales person. I told her the watch I was interested in. She pulled a box off the shelf and said $25,000 or whatever the specific number was.

I said I would like to see the watch and try it on. I might not like it and if so would select another brand or style.

The sales lady was not happy with me. She said there is no time. You either want it or don’t. There are other people waiting.

Of course, I did not buy the watch. I turned around and left the store.

Twenty five thousand dollars was a lot of money back then and still is today. A little fuss and attention were not unreasonable to expect.

The sad thing is I never bought an expensive watch. Never got around to it. It was never a priority. Merely a nice thing to have done for myself.

Rained during the night. Big time thunder and lightning. The white flashes into the bedroom once again. Lightning is different over the ocean.

Pouring right now. Looks like a rain day ahead.

Enjoy your day!


Each week, sunday, monday and tuesday are consumed with writing. A pleasure. After tuesday night I need a break, however.

Wednesday has become my screw off day. The best way to describe it. The intent is to do nothing. What I end up doing are regular every day things. Like grocery shopping, now the anti-gravity treadmill, some sun, and a night out. Sometimes, even these activities are too much. I may do only some.

Two activities consume my sundays through tuesdays. First is the research and writing of the week’s KONK Life column. The other is the preparation and broadcasting of Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Each a pleasure. Each time consuming.

I finished research and preparation for Tuesday Talk at 5 yesterday. Show time not till 9. There was time to go out for dinner.

I have not been to Pepe’s in two years. The last time was lunch with Robert and Ally. Pepe’s was quiet. I sat alone at the bar. Enjoyed the barbecued chicken and mashed potatoes. Love the gravy covering the mashed potatoes!

A woman sat opposite me at the bar. She was harassed. Obviously so. Speaking rapidly. She had just arrived in Key West an hour before. First time. Staying at a guest house. Did not know what to do, where to go. Someone said eat at Pepe’s.

We talked. On different levels, however. I could not keep up with her. An odd conversation.

The show last night was a bit different. I devoted all but two minutes to banks. One of my favorite topics.

Banks/bankers are devious and conniving. No more one of the most respected members of a community. They seem to consistently come up with new games/procedures which work to their benefit and to the detriment of the customer.

New ones include negative interest, no cash in safety deposit boxes, and electronic banking. My column this week in KONK Life is titled Banks Hurt People and covers in detail the three items. KONK Life hits the stands today.

This morning’s E-News Blast included pictures of the Larry Smith Show at The Studios of Key West last week. A few were of my friend Jenna. A striking woman!

The Key West City Commission wastes hundreds of thousands and in some instances millions of dollars. Generally because they do not pay proper attention to projects they approve. It is in the details!

There is a plan under way to paint rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of Duval and Petronia. Total cost $4,000. Some one else paying half. The City’s end $2,000. Several Commissioners are up in arms. Who is going to pay for it?

Love their concern where pennies are involved. One Commissioner even expressed he was a taxpayer. Wow! Where was he and the others when major projects in Key West resulted in huge over runs?

Enjoy your day!