Fishing is important to Key West and the rest of the Florida keys. To the whole world actually. For food and sport.

A recent study reveals marine population is diminishing. Since 1970, marine life has fallen 49 percent. Two causes. Over fishing and climate change.

Re over fishing, fish are being caught faster than they can reproduce.

As to climate change, carbon dioxide is blamed. The carbon dioxide is being absorbed into the oceans. Such makes the waters more acidic. Unhealthy for all marine species.

Wednesday is my day! Screw off time. I spend friday through tuesday researching and writing. Time deadlines involved. Sunday for the KONK Life column. Tuesday for the blog talk radio show. Like a full time job. Love it!

I spent a bit of time yesterday fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

The show went well. I decided before hand not to mention politics, Trump, or Hillary. I have had it up to here! I am smiling as I write that. Though true, I still cannot wait to watch the debates tonight.

An issue garnering interest last night involved Afghanistan. Specifically, Afghanistan’s opium and heroin trade.

The U.S. military first entered Afghanistan in 2001. Since that time, opium production has doubled. Heroin, tripled. How can this happen if Afghanistan is and has been a bloody battlefield? One from which people seek to escape.

The reason is simple. The opium fields and its workers are not touched by the war. There is no spill over of the war into the poppy growing farm lands. Off limit terrain.

Note the heroin production finds its way to the streets of America. The American people are the largest consumer of Afghan heroin.

Someone has to be on the take. Probably many. Could extend to some of our people over there.

The whole scenario amazing!

Roostica for dinner. Generally where I eat show nights. Close to home.

Fran from Buffalo, my Italian canning friend, suggested I try the Sicilian pizza at Roostica. A deep dish pizza. I do not particularly enjoy pizza. Rarely order it. However based on Fran’s recommendation, I did last night.

Wow! Absolutely delicious! Too much for one meal for me. Half sits in the refrigerator. Probably my lunch today. It will taste even better cold.

I am a political junkie. Yet the primary campaigns are turning me off. I am sick of the political pundits. Yet as mentioned earlier, I will be watching the debates tonight.

I was flipping through a high end magazine. Came across an ad for Piguet watches.

Some thirty years ago, I was in New York City on business. Had some free time. Walked a portion of Fifth Ave. I had always wanted an expensive watch. In front of me was an expensive watch store. Nothing but high priced watches for sale.

The store was crowded. Christmas time.

I looked through the show cases in the center of the store. Decided on a $25,000 Piguet. I was making money. I could afford it. I wanted to be good to Louis.

To get a sales person was impossible. One had to stand in line quite a while until the counter was reached. There were many lines.

I stood in line and finally got to a sales person. I told her the watch I was interested in. She pulled a box off the shelf and said $25,000 or whatever the specific number was.

I said I would like to see the watch and try it on. I might not like it and if so would select another brand or style.

The sales lady was not happy with me. She said there is no time. You either want it or don’t. There are other people waiting.

Of course, I did not buy the watch. I turned around and left the store.

Twenty five thousand dollars was a lot of money back then and still is today. A little fuss and attention were not unreasonable to expect.

The sad thing is I never bought an expensive watch. Never got around to it. It was never a priority. Merely a nice thing to have done for myself.

Rained during the night. Big time thunder and lightning. The white flashes into the bedroom once again. Lightning is different over the ocean.

Pouring right now. Looks like a rain day ahead.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “FISH ARE FEWER

  1. Lou
    The universe was looking out for you that day! Where you are right now has no need for a high end watch, as for that matter, no watch at all! Take Care

  2. CO2 [ if there actually is an increase, there are arguments against] in salt water is caused mostly by agricultural runoff [ nitrogen fertilizers] and sewage. Areas such as the Keys are heavily, if not over, populated with very poor sewage control. Also fish population depletion is due to increased demand [ and export] and failure to realize this problem soon enough and do something about it like limiting catch/size/slot limits and increasing the restrictions on spawning areas.

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