Two person college reunion last night at the Chart Room. Grads from a few years back from St. Vincent College in Latrobe.

John Lally and John Moore. They were having dinner with their wives at Pier One.

Lally is from Pittsburgh. Moore from North Beach, New Jersey and Sugarloaf.

Lally a loyal blog reader. I suspect Moore also.

Nice guys. Enjoyed meeting them. Wish we had longer to chat.

Arnold Palmer’s name came up. Palmer born and raised in Latrobe. Did not attend St. Vincent. Was fortunate to receive a golf scholarship and went instead to Wake Forest.

Mary arrived. We had a drink and chatted with John.

I said let’s walk. We went down to the waterfront. Enjoyed Schooner Wharf food and drink. Sat at the bar.

A while since I ate at Schooner Wharf. A cheeseburger and onion rings.

Tonight, Syracuse/Virginia at 7. Virginia #2 in the country. Syracuse unranked. Never the less, we could win.

Ted from Wampsville visiting. We still have not met this trip. Ted, I will be watching the Syracuse game at the Chart Room. Join me at 7.

Ted a radical Syracuse fan, also.

The Old Man and the Sea. Hemingway’s last novel. Published this day in 1952.

Hemingway had it delivered to his publisher with a note indicating it was “the best writing” he ever did.

The critics agreed. Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 for The Old Man and the Sea.

Trump has a pattern of making something out of nothing. As he has again!

At the CPAC meeting he announced he was signing an executive order requiring free speech on college campuses.

I was not aware it was being denied. I also was under the impression that it was generally liberal students who had their free speech rights abused.

This time a conservative activist. Not a student. At the University of California at Berkley campus helping the right wing group Turning Point USA.

He got punched in the face. Trump has turned one conservative attack into it happens everywhere! No more, he said. If “they” continue, he will cut off all federal grant monies to that particular college.

What bravado! He has now made college attacks on conservatives a problem. He has created a situation where in reality few existed.

Two additional points re Trump. Sort of go together.

A personality cult has resulted. Trump their god.

John McCain was insulted a day or two before Trump’s appearance at CPAC by conservative Michelle Malkin. She attacked the “ghost of John McCain.”

Trump said nothing in his appearance to correct her words. Thereby condoning the words.

Is their no respect for the dead? Trump could not hold a candle to McCain for anything. Neither bravery, combat, honesty, etc. McCain was a true conservative. Trump is not.

What bothers me is that a poll taken following the “ghost” thing found Trump’s popularity rating had risen to 46 percent.

Beware America!

The other half of the story involves Hurricane Michael, FEMA and federal assistance.

Florida’s Panhandle got killed! No question about it. Here 4 months post Michael and thousands still living in tents. Delivery of FEMA trailers slow. Extremely slow.

People of the Panhandle consider themselves forgotten. Trump continuing to fail natural disaster victims.

It’s all about money. Trump is reluctant to spend proper amounts of money to help his people. We are all his people.

He might be saving up for the wall.

March an important month in recognizing a very special group. March is Women’s History Month.

Forget them not! I feel we men have screwed up the world sufficiently. It is the time for women! They can do no worse. Perhaps, better.

Have to hustle. Heart doctor this morning.

Enjoy your day!

One conservative under attack, all must be. so hero Trump before CPAC introduces the activist and says no more…..



  1. There is a beautiful set of pen and ink drawings at the Custom House by marine artist Guy Harvey that illustrate excerpts from “Old Man and the Sea” Worth a look see!

  2. I seem to remember Trump telling his gang that he would like to punch a protestor in the face and they cheered.

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