Debauchery in New Orleans. Today, the day. Mardi Gras!

The day before Lent. Christians supposedly fast and do acts of penance during the Lenten season. So they fill up on food and other palatable goodies this day.

Mardi Gras is a French term. In practical terms means Fat Tuesday. Ergo, Mardi Gras is also referred to as Fat Tuesday. A day of gluttony.

In 1889, New Orleans on its famous Bourbon street began the Mardi Gras festival. A religious event initially. Primarily tourist attended.

In the later decades of the 20th century, a sexual flavor was added. Referred to by social scientists as “ritual disrobement.” Women began exhibiting their breasts. Openly on the street and from balconies.

The religious aspect disappeared. Sexuality crept in. Bare boobs the order of the day!

Breast exposure not for free. Beads and trinkets to the ladies doing so.

Mardi Gras officially ends at midnight. Police on horseback ride down Bourbon Street at that time. The honeymoon is over. Their purpose to ceremonially “clean the street.” Such an announcement to all that the end of carnival season had arrived. Sackcloth and ashes await. Fasting and penance henceforth the order of the day.

I was excited last night. Syracuse playing #2 ranked nationally Virginia. Thought we could win. Hell, we beat Duke 2 weeks ago when Duke was #1.

I watched the game at the Chart Room with Ted. A friend from Wampsville, N.Y. The county seat for Madison County. Madison Country sitting between Syracuse and Utica.

Ted a life time resident of the area. His legal career a respected one. He served as Court Clerk for the County and Surrogate Courts of Madison County for years.

For those unfamiliar, a court clerk in many areas is the brains behind the Judges. He the person who does the research and initially decides a point of law before a Judge. The Judge then rules based on that advice. The clerk’s advice generally followed.

Ted visits Key West several times a year. This time for a month. Staying at Banyan Court.

Ted a Syracuse undergrad and law grad. Ergo, a fan!

We watched the game together.

From joy to horror. Syracuse was leading at half time. Hope springs eternal! The second half however another story.

Virginia outscored Syracuse by 26 points. Made 72 percent of their 3’s during the game.

No joy in Mudville from my perspective.

This was Syracuse’s third game against a top 10 team where Syracuse went into the locker room at half time ahead. Only to be demolished in the second half.

This is the last week of the season. Syracuse has only one league game remaining. Against Clemson later in the week.

I must confess. At this point I question whether Syracuse will make the Big Tournament.

Harry Truman loved Key West. Key West loves Harry Truman.

While President, Truman made 11 trips to Key West totaling 175 days. Following his Presidency, he continued to return. Five times. His last trip being in April 1969.

On this day in 1948, Truman flew back to Washington after having spent 10 Presidential working days at the Little White House. As he left the Little White House he said, “I’ll be back here if I can make it.”

He did.

Valor sometimes the result of pure conviction. Principle.

On this day in 1770, British troops fired into a crowd of colonists. Five colonists were killed. Bostonians were enraged. The event became known as the British Massacre.

Certain British troops were arrested and charged with murder.

They were in need of a lawyer to defend them. No one was inclined to assume the responsibility. Defend British soldiers who killed colonists?

One came forward. John Adams.

Adams was short of stature, tall in guts and determination. He considered the men innocent and entitled to representation.

Adams defended the British soldiers. Successfully. They were acquitted.

Feisty, in your face, never one to back down from a confrontation, John Adams, became the second President of the United States.

What follows is similar to Martin Luther nailing his 95 Thesis on the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg.

The House Judiciary Committee sent document requests to 81 individuals and entities. Noted in the request was that the same documents had been requested by the Mueller investigation and that of the Southern District.

A cry of denunciation has emitted!

Republicans should not cry out in opposition. When they were in charge and investigating Bill Clinton for impeachment, more than 1,200 subpoenas were issued.

For sex and failure to tell the truth.

Supposed charges against Trump far more excessive, shocking and disturbing.What is more serious? Oral copulation in the Oval Office or sleeping with Putin?

Tonight, tonight, my podcast show! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me.

I have a lot to get off my chest. A half hour of ranting and raving should help.

Enjoy your day!




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