Key West dances to its own tune even as regards elections. Local elections have their own day. Separate and apart from that early November voting time.

Today is election day in Key West. The mayoral race and other local offices.

This election day is particularly important. There is a question on the ballot. It has to do whether Key West should go forth with a study to determine if the channel could be dredged, its expense, etc. The study will cost Key West nothing.

There is a major move underway to dredge the channel. The reason is so the channel can support the mega cruise ships constructed and to be constructed. At this time, Key West channel cannot.

Money comes into play if the channel is dredged. It will cost Key West millions of dollars to do it.

I am opposed first on environmental grounds. Leave nature under the water alone! Additionally, I do not believe the cruise ships sufficiently support Key West’s best interest. Yes, some benefit big time. However, I am one who would like to see the tee shirt and other seedy establishments leave the port area. Return Key West to its natural habitat!

Birthday party last night! Lisa’s. Happy birthday dear daughter once again!

The best laid plans…..Lisa planned a dinner from Syboney’s. Cuban food. When she telephoned, the line was disconnected. We ended up eating two large pizzas. I am not a fan of Cuban food. I was happy.

Blowing out the candles and singing Happy Birthday! is always the best. The grandkids are into it big time. Especially Ally.

You all know I am enamoured with Greece having spent two summers in a row there. You will further recall my writing at length over the past year regarding Greece. I was especially concerned with the Nazi party. The Golden Dawn Party. I wrote a column several weeks ago about how scary it was and my fears for the future of Greece.

The Greek government in the past 48 hours has been arresting leaders of the Golden Dawn Party.  The arrests are an attempt to rid Greece of a political party that does not support the party now in power.

An Araminta Wordsworth wrote an article today in the National Post regarding what is going on in Greece. I am going to repeat one paragraph. It is right on with what I wrote in my recent column, though she says it better and in fewer words.

“Economic collapse, mass joblessness, uniformed paramilitaries, street violence, political assassinations and, now, a round up of opposition MPs–euro wracked Greece is beginning to feel eerily like Weimar Germany.”

Clemson at Syracuse saturday. Big time football. Clemson undefeated and ranked #3 nationally. Syracuse unranked and 2-2. The Vegas line is 12.5 points. I will consider it a Syracuse victory if we only lose by two touchdowns!

I hope I have to eat my words and Syracuse beats the hell out of Clemson!

On this day (10/1) in 1890, Congress passed a bill authorizing Yosemite National Park in California. On this same 10/1 day in 2013, Yosemite National Park closed because Congress failed to approve spending that would have kept it open. Part of the governmental shut down.

Blog talk radio tonight! My show! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Join me at 9 for a fast moving half hour of current commentary. I definitely will be discussing the government shut down and government waste. Plus more. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

If you miss the show tonight, it is immediately archived and can be enjoyed to at any time. www.blogtalkradio.com.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “Part of the governmental shut down.” I wonder if the Conch Republic might annex all the rest of the USA? I’m sure Conch leadership can’t be as bad as the House of Fools we have in Washington these days. Plus, maybe all of America will lighten up and start enjoying life for a change.

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