I am back in Key West!

Returned last night. The plane landed as the sun was setting. What could be more beautiful!

The temperature was 77 degrees. What a relief! I had to immediately shed my leather jacket and sweater.

My daughter and her family greeted me. I earlier stated what could be more beautiful than the setting sun. The faces of my grandchildren!

Robert and Ally were waiting for me.

Robert was dressed as Batman. Mask and all! So he was a bit serious!

Ally was her usual without abandon self. She threw herself into my arms!

It was good to see them and my lovely daughter Lisa and her great husband Corey.

The planes were on time! Unusual during the winter. I was pleased with that. Had I left one day earlier, that gigantic storm in the northeast would have grounded me overnight somewhere.

After a quick shower, I was off to Square One. Patrick the bartender had some kind of furry piece on his head. Turned out to be a groundhog! I had forgotten yeaterday was groundhog day! I never got to read a paper all day. I am still engossed in Madeleine Albright’s book which I am close to finishing.

After a drink, I headed off to La Trattatoria where I had dinner at the bar. Fresh local snapper sauted in oil and capers. Oh, so good! And healthy! I have to start losing those extra pounds I gained. An eternal battle!

Then home to bed. Traveling tires me the older I get.

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