I got bit by some kind of bug Thursday night at bocci.

I felt it while sitting on the bench waiting my turn to throw. A sharp pinch.

It was on my upper left thigh. Inside. Next to the family jewels.

When I got home, I checked the bite out. I had a slight inflamation. It twitched a bit. No pain.

When I woke yesterday morning, it was a different story. The inflamation was the size of a golf ball. And there were 3 small bruises nearby that resembled and were the size of small worms.

By mid afternoon, the fire engine red swelling was about 6 inches by 4 inches. And thick. It was bulging out. And it hurt!

So I stayed in last night. It had to be bothering me for me to give up a Friday night on the town in Key West!

It is still swollen this morning, though a bit less. It hurts less. The 3 small bruises have been absorbed into the red swelling. I can see a needle from whatever bit me in the middle of the thing.

There were wasps around Thursday night. This is not a wasp bite, though. Nor is it a fire ant bite. I have had both.

Oh well, I will live! I am happy that what ever bit me did not move another quarter inch and chomp on my privates! That would really have been painful and a hell of a story to tell!

The only time I was out yesterday was to have lunch with Lisa. We talked about the final touches to her internet department store Via Key West which will be opening soon.

A quiet day. Of necessity.

Today will be another story. Healthy living can only go so far!

Enjoy your day!

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