Yesterday was golf day!

I played terrible!

As good as I played Sunday, I played that bad yesterday. Such is golf life!

I spent the afternoon doing paper work.

Last night I stopped at Kwest to hear Bobby Nesbitt sing. Such a talent!

Everyone sings with Bobby. Even me! I did some Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Over There, Yankee Doodle and whatever else he sang. The place was packed with loyal Nesbitt followers.

When I was not yodeling, I spoke with Bill and June Hudson. I have known the Hudson’s for the better part of 10 years. Great people! Solid type.

Bill and June are from Dover, Delaware. They have a home here in Sugarloaf. Bill is a premier matrimonial attorney in Delaware. June is his charming wife. A delightful woman! I always enjoy their company.

Then it was off to Antonia’s for dinner with Aaron and Karen. Old friends! Good fun!

Aaron is my golf partner. He had to put up with me earlier in the day as I hacked my way around the course.

Karen is multi-talented. Last year she did a documentary film of the making of the Nutcracker while Key West was experiencing 3 hurricanes. The documentary recently won the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival award. Karen’s documentary was one out of more than 60 entries. Bravo, Karen!

The film seems to have a life of its own! I would not be surprised if it were nominated for an Oscar and then won!

The beauty of it all is that Karen never did anything of this magnitude before. A major accomplishment! My recollection is she put over 1,200 hours into the making of the documentary. She and the film deserve every recognition!

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