Yesterday around noon I was sitting outside at the Paradise Cafe reading the papers and waiting for my lunch order. Aaron came by on his scooter. So he joined me for lunch.

Scooter/moped, I do not know the difference. But there is a difference. People who live in that portion of Key West known as Old town do not generally need cars. They can get around on scooters, mopeds and bicycles. Although Aaron has a car also, he prefers to drive his scooter around town.

So he joined me for lunch. Good company!

Aaron and I met about 12 years ago at the bar at Louie’s Backyard. We started talking. I thought he was gay and trying to pick me up. He thought I was gay and trying to pick him up. We were both wrong! Out of that tryst has developed a genuine friendship!

The rest of the afternoon turned into a kiddies day! Some good, some bad.

I went to Borders, the book store. I love to pick up a novel and sit in a quiet corner and read for awhile.

Saturday is children’s day at Borders! Great to introduce the young ones to the joys of reading. However they are kids and kids are loud!

Nevertheless I found an interesting book and a chair hidden in a corner of the store that was relatively quiet. I lasted all of 5 minutes. One of the employees came by and told me my corner was being requisitioned in 10 minutes for a special children’s program. I know when not to fight it! So I left and went home.

I decided it was a good afternoon for a nap. Just as my eyes were closing, my daughter Lisa telephoned. She was coming over with my grandchildren to swim.

I spent the next 2 hours in the pool plaything with Robert who is 3 and Ally who is 2. A workout!

When they left, I DID sleep! I needed it!

Last night I stopped at Square One for drinks. I am glad I did. I ran into another Jack Baron admirer. A fellow from Fort Lauderdale who had come in to see Jack’s exhibit at Gingerbread Gallery. He was having dinner with Jack’s partner Bob.

Then to the Commodore for dinner with friends. As you will recall, the Commodore sits on the waterfront where I generally walk in the morning. It is situated on the second floor. An encompassing view of the marina!

We sat outside on a small private balcony for dinner. It was a moonlight night. The view of the boats was spectacular! The company and food good!

I am still watching my diet. Had a small Maine lobster tail for appetizer and a piece of broiled local snapper for dinner.

It was worth it! When I got on the scale this morning, I had lost another pound! Good boy Louis!

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