I hung around the house during the day yesterday. I wanted to watch Clinton at noon and the Belmont later in the afternoon.

Clinton’s speech was right on! Perfect. However she was 45 minutes late. How insulting! Like the rest of America, I watched the TV set showing her car in front of her home waiting for her to enter it. Even a woman does not have the right to be late for an event of yesterday’s nature.

The Belmont was a scarry disappointment. I thought Big Brown’s hoof was the problem when he was pulled up. However it turns out he just ran out of gas and his jockey was being precautionary. This morning’s news suggests his lack of training caused by the hoof condition and other med problems may have contributed to his running out of gas.

Last night I went to the movies. I decided to see the new Indiana Jones film. The fifth one so made.

The reason I opted to go was that I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie, either in the theatre or on TV. For real!

The movie was enjoyable. Not great. But good entertainment.

I have to tell you though, the movie brought back some memories.

The movie is set in 1957.

In 1957, I was 21, graduated from college, got married and started law school.

In the movie, Indiana Jones has a son. A young fellow. Somewhere around my age in 1957.

He wore his hair a bit long and with a DA. He was constantly combing it.

I had a DA at the time.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with a DA, it is short for Duck’s Ass. The hair was long in the back and combed sideways so each side met in the middle. Much like a duck’s ass!

The DA and the rest of a young man’s hair would not stay in place naturally. These were the days of Wildroot Cream Oil. White gooey stuff. All men used some form of grease on their hair in those days, regardless of style or length.

Not me, though! Wildroot was too mild for my head! I used Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Yes, that gooey stuff you can still buy today. I coated my hair with it. Not a strand moved afterwards. And on a hot summer day, the bugs found a repository.

The movie also showed young people in a sort of diner/restaurant doing what young people did in those days. Drinking coca cola and eating french fries.

We all drank coke back then. Pepsi ran a distant second in sales. There were no diet drinks. Everything was the real stuff! All that sugar!

And no cans! Coke was bottled. All sodas and beers were bottled. And the empties were recyclicable. You returned the empty bottles to the store and were paid a nickel for each one returned.

After the movie I stopped at Square One for a drink and some idle chatter with friends.

Then I walked over to La Te Da for another. I am glad I did.

There was Mary Jo standing outside La Te Da leaning on a parking meter. She was trying to make a telephone call. She was a bit under the weather and needed a cab.

As you know, Mary Jo has terminal cancer. She is fighting a hell of a battle! And last night had a few too many. If it were me, I would probably not be as courageous and down a few too many every night!

I drove Mary Jo home.

And then myself.

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