A nice day yesterday! Great weather! Good golf! Wonderful company!

Actually fantastic weather! Sunny. Warm. Only a slight breeze. No humidity. A bit chilly in the evening. Just right!

My golf game seems to be improving! A wonder in itself!

I attribute it to these new clubs. New to me. Old to most other players.

My golf clubs are old. About 10 years old. My friends have been telling me for a long time to buy new clubs. But sometimes I do not hear!

So a month ago I bought this new hybrid. Saw it advertised late at night on the golf channel. What a club! Has improved my fareway game immensely!

About a week ago I had difficulty sleeping again. So back to the golf channel. This time Mark O’Meara was talkimng about how to get off the tee long and straight. A significant problem for me has been just that. I cannot get off the tee straight and I cannot get distance off the tee!

Visual demonstrations are the best. He held 2 drivers in his hands at the same time. One was the old type with a smaller head. The other was one of the ones with the newer monstrous club head.

O’Meara claimed the difference in the player’s drive was in the head of the club. All based on technology. The big headed driver was simply more forgiving. A poor golfer like me needs all the forgiveness he can get!

So I tried it yesterday.

Yankee Jack let me use his driver most of the way. What a difference! I was playing with the big boys!

Then Aaron suggested I try his driver. Another WOW!

The decision has been made! I am going to buy a new driver!

Tiger Woods watch out!

Last night I stopped at Kwest to hear Bobby Nesbitt. Always good!

I ran into Donna and a friend of hers. The three of us ended up having dinner at Antonia’s. A fun time!

Yes, I am off the diet. Nine days and 7 pounds. Not quite what I wanted, but it will do.

I savoured 2 gins and a lovely piece of salmon last night. I did not go crazy.

Yesterday I reported on an e mail I received from a now mature Italian woman reminisicing with me her experiences as a 4 year old during World War II. Her story of receiving chocolate and tasting it for the first time from the hands of American soldiers on the streets of Venice was touching.

She wrote again after reading yesterday’s blog: “…thanks for remembering little Anna…a small story of Italian children during World War II.”

Thank you Anna for sharing with us!

Tonight bocci! Will we ever win again?

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