An interesting day yesterday!

Started with visit to the dentist. A joy!

Then I picked up my father’s birthday gift. A Wii. That is the way it is spelled!

One can play sport games on a TV with it. Like bowling, golf, tennis and baseball. Can be played sitting or standing. However it does require players to move their arms and legs a bit. In a limited fashion however.

The game is utilized big time in nursing homes and rehab facilities. Also mucho expensive. Cost me over $400.

Since my 94 year old Dad is somewhat physically limited these days, I figured it would be a good gift for him. Plus we could bowl and play golf together.

I delivered the gift to my father in 4 separate packages, all beautifully wrapped. Understand that I never saw this game in operation prior to purchasing it. I had heard about it. So I ordered it. It came sealed and gift wrapped! Terrific from my perspective!

My father excitedly unwrapped all 4 boxes. I watched with equal excitement. Then there was nothing! It was a series of machinery with all kinds of convoluted instructions. A disaster! We stared with blank expressions!

My father is not mechanically inclined! Nor am I! As I explained to him, it is a generational thing. Not to worry. We would find someone to put it together.

We sat there looking at this mess of I don’t know what. Our enthusiasm for the gift was waning! Actually gone! Absolutely gone!

Again we agreed we needed help. Who? I made some phone calls. No one at the inn!

Last night my sister and nephew, her grandson, came in from Florida and Texas respectively.

We had a small family dinner at a local restaurant.

My nephew John is 15. A big kid! 6’2″. And smart! Going to be an engineer.

Table talk got around to the Wii gift. John knew all about it! Said he could put it together! Impressive!

He was going to do it when they got home last night. It is still too early to call. However I am sure he got it done.

These kids are all smarter than us! And obviously it is not in the blood line!

The sun is up and I am now anxious to get over to my father’s house to play! What a life! Think I can beat him?

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