I am up early! Still dark outside! Golf today!

I went to a book signing at the Dewey House last night. The Dewey House is part of the Southernmost complex. Lisa is Sales Manager at Southernmost and knowing the political junkie I am induced me to attend.

I am glad she did!

The book is So You Think You Can Be President? The authors are Iris Burnett and Clay Greager.

I started glancing thru the book when I went to bed last night. It is a political spoof! Political satire at its best!

For example: “Absentee Voting: As in “I don’t remeber seeing anyone in that booth but the levers were pulled.”

Or: “Intern: An individual who is always willing to be helpful and for the honor of being close to power will “in tern” provide the elected official with lots of extra curricular activity-especially during periods when a spouse is away.”

The book signing was well attended. Quite a successful event. Southernmost is to be complimented for sponsoring the event.

I got to speak briefly with both authors. Apparently Clay Greager lived in Key West at one time or may still do so. Even got a hug and kiss from Iris Burnett. Only because she loves my Lisa so much!

Interesting people!

As I understood the story, Iris and Clay did not know each other prior to the book writing. Had never met before. Clay overheard Iris talking on the telephone and was sparked by her quips. When she was finished, he walked up to her and said you and I should write a book togehter. And so they did! And the seed for So You Think You Can Be President was sown!

Then to La Tratattoria for dinner at the bar.

I can sense the season is over. The streets are emptying out. There are parking places. The restaurants are less full. Some even close to deserted.

I enjoy Key West more in the off season. Less hustle and bustle. However I feel for the merchants since it is a long way to the next busy time here.

After dinner, I went over to the Wine Galley. Larry Smith’s home away from home! As usual, the place was packed! It seems the season has no impact on the crowds he attracts. God bless and continued success Larry!

Saw Kathleen Peace there. Have not seen her in several weeks. I like her very much! A dynamic woman! She has it all going for her! A hug and a kiss and my evening was

Poor Donna the barmaid had a cold! A bad one at that! Work for her last night was like digging ditches!

I was a good boy! One diet coke and home to bed!

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  1. Hi Lou,

    I think Clay might own/run the tee shirt shop called “Last Flight Out” opposite Sloppys on Green.

    He wrote a short biography about his time in Vietnam – I recall his nickname was “Sixpack”.

    It was quite a read!

    Cheers from England.

    John (and Alison – we met briefly at Larry and Christines Christmas pizza party)

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