Golf yesterday!

I played well for me. Even had a par and birdie!

Then I drove out to Hogfish for lunch. A real dive on the water! On Stock Island. Stock Island is the second key outside of Key West.

Hogfish is located on a road with poorly cared for and some abandoned trailer homes, a garbage recycling facility, a marina with a large daily fish boat and a fish store. Not much in the way of a high class neighborhood!

The restaurant advertises itself as being in “Downtown Stock Island!” A ho ho!

It resembles an old shack! A big one though! With water all around!

The place is clean! The food good! The price nothing!

And the place is always packed!

I sat on the dock at a picnic table under a beach umbrella. Had fish and chips. Read the papers.

Then home and a nap. I always get tired when I play golf!

Last night dinner was at Pisces with friends. Always a good meal! I enjoyed a salmon appetizer and a snapper entre.

I eat a lot of snapper in Key West. It is native to the waters and always fresh.

Service is big at Pisces. I stepped outside to have a cigarette. Turned around and there was the waiter with his lighter! Goes a bit too far and maybe a bit too much, but never the less a nice touch!

We are in the middle of the season in Key West. It does not feel it. I sadly sense a poor season! The restaurants are not full. Neither are the streets. The hotels are doing well on weekends, but not during the week. And when tourists are here they enjoy the freebies: the sun, the beaches and walking around. They are not spending money!

I fear the recession is affecting Key West. People either do not have money or are afraid to spend it.

A person cannot put $50 plus in a gas tank, pay increased prices at the grocery store and still have money left to play!

Tonight bocci!

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