Yesterday was day one of a return to good health!

I walked. At Home Depot. For a half hour. Long enough. I walk fast.

Maybe I should get a job at Home Depot. Michael from my bocce team went to work there several months ago. He lost 15 pounds! It shows! He has thinned right down!

I asked Michael what diet he was on. None, he said. It’s the job! Home Depot employees constantly walk. Nothing has changed in Michael’s life but the job. He still eats the same.

Good health will continue this morning. It is Wednesdy. I play golf on Wednesday. Golf is always exercise for me. I play poorly. So I hit more shots than most. Throw in some practice swings and I am really working out!

I even ate better yesterday.

Lunch was at the Yacht Club. Hogfish on whole wheat. With some sweet potato fries on the side. I ate only a few of the fries.

Lunch was with Jenna and Larry. We talked radio. Tonight is Larry’s variety show. Jenna is his co-star. They do a Regis and Kelly Ripka thing. Listen to the show at 9 on KONK 1500 AM radio. Better yet, watch and listen on

I felt like being good to Louis in the afternoon. So it was off to Lee Nails to see Tammy. My sweet Vietnamese friend. Pedicure and manicure. Both! A big afternoon!

Then to Publix. Had to change the mix of foods at home. Wandered around and bought all kinds of healthy things. Yogurt, fruit and the like.

It was me and the newspapers for dinner last night. I ate alone. At Hogfish. Fish and chips. Hogfish again! Ate little of the fries. What a good boy was I!

The sun is just coming up. Another great Key West day in the making! The temperature hit 96 yesterday. Humid. However the evenings have been decidedly comfortable. Not warm. Not cool. Just right.

There is a strong wind this morning coming in off the Atlantic. From the northeast. Going to affect the golf game! We will have to play taking the wind into account on most shots. Love it! It gives me an excuse every time I screw up a shot!

My friend Maria from somewhere in northern Florida wished everyone a Happy Hump Day on Facebook this morning. I do, too! May we all get lucky! A form of exercise. Good for mind and body!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I find it interesting that most of your blog comments contain some reference to food. Restaurant food usually and not healthy choices at that. Shopping at Publix is good and learning to make healthy choices a must. Eating out all the time can be good IF you practice healthy food choices.

    You seem to have much time on your hands. Instead of jumping over to the restaurant, enjoy your life in Key West. Most of us who live here do so because we get out on the water and play – go boating, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, etc. Swim for gosh sakes.

    Eating out, playing bocce or golf are hardly ways to enjoy life all the time. You want to get healthy – join the gym! Ride your bike from your house to downtown and back (that's a trip!) or just plain walk through old town and enjoy the sights and sounds.

    Stay outta the establishments that will expand your waistline. We don't really care to know your mani/pedi schedule, bookstore readings of the daily news or your restaurant comsumption tours. Show us you plan to get healthy and fit.

    Show us your plan of action and activity. Show us that you really know about this island and its more about what you can do than what you can eat!

  2. Say no to the fries.

    Put down the fork.

    Step away from the table.

    Get up.

    Move around.


    Keep motivated!

    You can do it!

    We believe!









    what a wonderful world!

    keep on the sunny side!

    And above all –

    Eat to LIVE
    not live to eat!

    Show us – yes YOU CAN!

  3. The above two posts sound like they come from people who have not lived 75 years.
    That rah-rah stuff is great for people who have many years ahead, and don't take into account health issues and life issues that come with having lived to an advanced age. Lou's point of view about life is much different than when he was 45.
    Get back to us when you have lived a full life.
    I'm guessing the attitude will be more like "get off my back".

  4. I like the blog as is….and restaurants can and do serve excellent, healthy food. In Murphy's World (which we all inhabit), many people smoke and drink well into their 90's with little ill effect while Jim Fixx drops dead at 52 after a long run.

    If Lou likes the way he is working to get healthy than more power to him, to each their own. And go Bocce ball!

  5. Seniors who eat and drink to excess, fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle and only exercise when they make mega trips to the toilet at night are the reasons we have a health care crisis in the US. Medicare is not able to take care of these fat slobs and private insurance rates are increasing because of the demands their lifelong obsession with unhealthy habits.

    We younger baby boomers or generation-x adults in our 30's and 40's and 50's are tired of this and are demanding laws to prevent this from continuing. If you want to live a life of the fat and stupid you can pay for it out of pocket.

    It may be time to bring on the death panels. It would be a real eye opener to some.

  6. And please – a couple of small boats and a snobby crowd of pseudo-yuppies does not a yacht club make. The Key West version is a poor excuse for such. Been there. Done that. Not impressed in the least. Too bad. But then again most of the prime waterfront property in Key West is owned by the military and not for your access. Too bad. Been there and still do it with utter joy– the waterfront on base is marvelous and the people superb. See–we can all brag and name drop when applicable.

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