I am having a bad day at Black Rock.

Yesterday was a different day till 4:30 in the afternoon.

I was up at 5:30. Had a breakfast meeting at 9. Researched the blog so I would be able to write it quickly when I got home.

Nine found me at Two Friends on Front Street. Shamed I am to admit I have not been in Two Friends in 20 years. No particular reason. Just did not go.

The place was packed. Primarily tourists. Each enjoying a big breakfast.

My meeting was with Dave Hill, the owner of Two Friends, and Guy deBoer.

Never met Dave before. An interesting gentleman.

The purpose of the meeting was for Dave and I to meet and discuss Guy’s idea that we all do a radio show together. Guy moderating. Dave and I exchanging thoughts.

Dave and I are a perfect match. He a Republican, I a Democrat. National events will be the primary thrust of the show.

The show will be all of 10 minutes to begin. When yet to be decided.

I am excited. I will enjoy it and I am confident Dave will also.

Now that Dave and I are friends, I will be having lunch or dinner at Two Sisters hopefully once a week.

From Two Friends to the shirt laundry on Truman. I park my car in the Don’s Place parking lot across the street.

Normally, the parking lot is full in the morning. Around 9:30 the Breakfast Hour would still be ongoing. No cars in the parking lot.

The outside bar was not manned also.

Oh my God, all I could think was Don’s dead. He is dealing with heavy lung cancer at a Chicago hospital.

The door to the bar was open. Several people drinking. Saw Elizabeth who I have not seen in a couple of years. My drinking days are long gone so I frequent Don’s Million Dollar Bar no more.

I sought David. Don’s good friend who now is keeping the books. He was in the tiny house in the back working on them.

I did not want the door to open. I feared Don was dead.

Don has lung cancer. He was a master smoker. He recently had his first chemotherapy session at the hospital. He is staying nearby in his lake home that he and Stephanie built about 10 years ago. Their vacation home. It may never be.

Let me me tell you about Don. He is one of the nicest people I have met. Warm, friendly. The type that gave you all his attention when you were talking. Everyone loved Don! He was the man!

I played golf and bocce with him for 15 years. We occasionally lunched, David with us. Drank most days with him in his bar.

There is a sad humor to this. The doctor told me I would be better off not drinking two years ago. I stopped. Don was told to stop five years ago. Smoking, also. He was able to handle the no booze. Cigarettes were another story.

Don was an athlete in his younger days. He obtained his college degree on a football scholarship at a small college in the Midwest.

He ended up a Vice President with some newspaper chain in Buffalo. He also at one time was publisher of a newspaper somewhere else.

He visited Key West on vacation. Discovered what is now Don’s Place. He always wanted to own a bar. Bought it. Cost him one million dollars. That is why he named the bar Don’s Million Dollar Bar.

Hang in there Donald!

Returned home. It was pushing 11. Did the blog and had it out and published by 12:30.

Made myself a sandwich. Watched a World War II movie. Napped.

I woke at 4:40. I was upstairs.

Those of you who follow me regularly know I developed a falling problem that became acute 2 years ago. Comes with age. I started using a cane full time 2 years ago. Should have started 2 years earlier. It has become my best friend.

I rarely use it in the house. A person who falls generally has a sense a fall is about to occur. There is always something in a house to hold onto to prevent the fall.

I use the handrail on the inside steps second floor to first. One problem. The hand rail stops 4 steps before the end. I’m on my own from that point forward.

Yesterday was a problem. I missed the last step and went flying. I have some art work are not yet hung. They lie against the wall opposite the foot of the stairs. I went through a Jack Baron, Miro, Agam, and Renoir etching.

The art work came out ok. I did not.

My right side. Knee. My right hip. I assume I did not break it. Sore as hell, however. Right shoulder.

I take blood thinners. Bleed easy. My right elbow kept bleeding. An area about 3 x 4 inches.

I was out of band aids. Called a friend to get me some. I now have $25 worth. Was able to use a large band aid to cover the whole area.

Could not get comfortable in bed. Finally fell asleep. One hour. Woke and felt something wet. The blood from the right elbow had found a way out from under the large band aid. Sheet and blanket stained big time.

Gave up on the bed. Went downstairs to a large lounge chair. The position of my arm and hip were important. Both had to be placed gingerly. Watched TV all night. Did not sleep.

The story of my yesterday.

I’ve had better and worse ones. Not complaining. Merely sharing.

Enjoy your day!

21 comments on “YESTERDAY A GOOD DAY TILL 4:30

  1. A little disappointed in you Lou, debating Dave Hill for Guy, thereby giving a Republican a platform which gives credibility for treasonous thoughts and actions. Sure, Guy gets his circus, but the rest of us wonder how this could have happened in the first place.

    Better Dave Hill and his gang be left to die unheard, with the shame he and his like minded cohorts deserve.

    • This in the middle guy wonders who is worse- Trump Republicans or close minded Democrats.
      The truth is usually in the middle

      • Closed minded? May I remind you that after the November elections this blog was peppered by right wing wackos constantly posting how DEMOCRATS were not trying hard enough at working to heal and unite the country. then came January 6th.

        I find it difficult to accept ANY advice from ANYONE who now wants to suggest the problem in AMERICA has anything to do with supposedly “Closed minded DEMOCRATS!

        Don’t forget, Mitch McConnell has openly said that his job as minority leader in the senate is to BLOCK the DEMOCRATS from pazzing ANY of THEIR agenda.

        The truth is NOT in the middle today, any more than it was in 1946 just after world War II.

        Close minded, I don’t think so. Wide awake and realistic is more like it. We MUST save America from this problem and do it quickly.

      • I remember when all of you “middle of the road” right wingers, kept trying to convince everybody early on in Trump’s reign how we were all being unfair about Donald Trump not being so bad and certainly not a Nazi, during this first three years. How we were judging him unfairly and the we would “see” that he was actually a good president, if we would only give him a chance. Then when that didn’t turn out so good, never criticize him for ANYTHING he did.

        Now you want to talk about “middle of the road” is the truth? Have you forgotten the concentration camps on the boarder?

        Go stuff yourself

      • Can you imagine any German trying to convince everybody that Hitler was OK just after the war? That Germans should take the middle road and not be so anti Nazi?

  2. Did you forget to go to the ultrasound for your kidneys? I am awaiting the results of that since I have kidney issues myself. Hope you are okay.

  3. Dave and I are a perfect match. He a Republican, I a Democrat

    Did Dave vote for Trump in 2020?
    If so, he is no Republican.

    • JustSaying – I get your point and agree in principle to what you are saying. But I think you are wrong about one thing, that IS a Republican, nowadays.

    • I did. Lease ran out 5/31. Looked for 2 months before. Everything on one floor. Good luck! Nothing. Stairs, stairs, stairs. Finally found something in Summerland Key. Too far out. I enjoy Key West too much. I sold after 23 yeas 4 years ago. No longer wanted to be an owner. 85 now. A pain in the ass. The stairs. Easier to be a tenant. Hopefully I will survive and maybe next year get lucky.

  4. There seems to be three types of what once was the unified Republican.

    The first brought shame to the Party of Lincoln – The Trumpublican

    The second speak out against DJT, but hang in there while thinking they can save the GOP.

    The third, and my personal favorite with all my respect, jumped the USS Sedition and are mostly independents who know full well the GOP is DOA from DJT.

    • Good post, but incomplete.

      There is also those smartazz fools that just want to cause trouble and poke everybody in the eye for the fun of it.

      Then there are those that just HATE Democrats.

      There are those that are confused and think it fun to be contrarians, or feel chaos is good.

      Besides those (your third group) do not deserve your (or anyone elses respect), because they enable the nonsense to continue with full effect and damage. These are the same as “the good people” of Germany who didn’t stop Hitler, or Stalin, and afterwards claimed “it wasn’t me!

  5. There are no more moderates in the GOP, should change the name to DJT. They are chomping at the bit to get him back into power and to continue helping him drag us back into the Dark Ages.

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