Merrick Garland has been in the news the past few days. For a number of reasons.

I am not certain he is the right person to be Attorney General.

I commented about him in my 3/13/21 blog titled Morning Stew #48.

My thoughts remain the same. My uncertainty continues.

I wrote re his being confirmed for Attorney General. Expressed my concern: “Garland has been touted as ‘best’ for the job for two reasons.”

“First, he headed the Oklahoma investigation 25 years ago. Second, he has been a respected federal judge for more than 20 years.

Both experiences qualifying on their face. However, I question such.

Twenty five yeas is long ago. No one can tell whether he is as good investigative wise as he was then. A good judge does not necessarily make a good prosecutor. Especially after 20 years as a judge. The mind changes. In some instances, the drive also.”

The jury is still out in my mind.

I hope Garland does well and I wish him well. However, he causes me concern.

It happens. Glory to one not seeking it. Like a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.

Darnella Frazier is winner of a special Pulitzer Prize.

Darnella is the young lady who was walking by as George Floyd was being killed. She stopped to film the entire scene on her cell phone. The film thereafter went public.

The Pulitzer Prize Board said she may not be a professional journalist, but whose actions had as much impact as any.

Her film went round the world. It had a decided effect on the outcome of the trial.

It does not stop. Weekends have become popular for mass shootings.

This one early this morning in downtown Austin, Texas. Thirteen injured. Police uncertain at this time whether one shooter or a gang.

The story of a modern day Jonas. One whose God was on his shoulder. A Cape Cod diver left with a whale of a tale after a humpback spat him out.

Lobster diver Michael Packer diving off the coast of Provincetown friday when the “capital cetacean” caught him unaware.

Packer was 45 feet down. He felt a huge bump and everything went dark. “I could sense I was moving. Then I realized there was no teeth and I had felt, really, no great pain. And then I realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a whale’s mouth and he’s trying to swallow me.”‘

Packer still had his breathing apparatus on.

He thought: “Ok, this is it, I’m going to die.” Thought about my kids and wife. “There was no getting out of there.”

Packard estimates that after 30 seconds in the mammals mandibles, the whale surfaced quickly and spit him out.

He was thrown in the air. Then, “floated.”

“I couldn’t believe I got out of that. And I’m here to tell it.”

Packer was taken to a hospital. Except for bruises all over his body, he was alright. “All in all, I’m a lucky guy.”

I trust he went to Church the next morning.

Texas Governor Abbott has never impressed me. His mental capacity is somewhere below normal. Trump worse. Abbott a close second.

He is a Trumpie true and true.

Abbott announced thursday that Texas will build its own border walls. His reason: The Biden administration is failing “to do its job” on the border and protect Americans from lawlessness.

Perhaps he wants to run for President in 2024 if Trump cannot.

Abbott further announced he planned “immediate” action. He plans “mass arrests”. He plans on building bigger jails.

A couple of Louis thoughts.

I recall during the Trump years the many Texans who went on national TV explaining the migration problem was not as bad as Trump was making it out to be. Wives and daughters were not being raped, disease nothing also.

Many residents advised there was an increase in immigrants. Not as bad as Trump was reporting. The communities were dealing with the problem, though assistance was needed.

Abbott forgets also the increase in costs to build new jails and pay new jailers to watch over the jailed immigrants. In addition to the new court space, judges, and judicial staff needed to process those arrested.

Texans will love the increase in their taxes!

The man speaks without thinking. Shoots from the hip. As does his hero, Donald Trump.

I’m curious how the Biden-Putin meeting will work out.

Biden earlier calling Putin a “killer” does not suggest an harmonious meeting. Biden has thrown the “gauntlet” down. Their public press interview following the meeting should be interesting.

Today is International Gin Day.

I never drank till I was 45. A story itself and for another day.

The first taste of alcohol was Beefeater gin. I liked it. It became my drink of choice. I consumed my fair share over the years.

Three years ago following a serious attack of pancreatitis, my doctor said “Louis, you’re on the wagon. A drink only now and then.”

And so it has been. Sometimes I have even gone two-three weeks without.

I must be honest. It is a tough life when I am out socially and everyone is knocking the drinks down. However, you do what you have to do.

My body improving from its most recent fall. Elbow the major problem. Bending it hurts. My right hip likewise painful if I sit or lie wrongly.

I will survive. Hopefully with no more than a sore body part. My two concerns are always a fractured hip and a brain bleed. The fractured hip is understandable. The brain bleed may not be to some.

I take blood thinners. A hard bang to my head and I could die. Blood could be seeping as a result somewhere in the brain.

Three times I worried my head bang might be dangerous. Three times I went through the necessary immediate tests to determine if the problem had occurred. Fortunately, so far so good.

I feel like the guy in the whale as reported today. God has been on my side each time. I will concede however being in the mouth of a whale is far worse.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I recall during the Trump years the many Texans who went on national TV explaining the migration problem was not as bad as Trump was making it out to be. Wives and daughters were not being raped, disease nothing also.

    Truth is of no concern to the likes of Trump and his minions.

  2. I never drank till I was 45. A story itself and for another day.

    I never drank until Trump was #45 🙂

    Seriously, your readers are holding you to it.

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