Philippine President Duterte is not a very nice guy. Tough! Goes for the jugular!

When he became President, the Philippines had a drug problem. He quickly addressed the drug problem. Anyone found with drugs on them or using them was immediately shot. Their lives ended. No judge, jury. No due process.

Hard as it may sound, he substantially reduced the drug problem.

Now comes coronavirus. Duterte has his methods to correct the problem.

Medical personnel are dying. Duterte views their deaths as having occurred in the line of duty. He said, “Healthy workers are lucky to die for their country.”

Luzon has 57,000 people. Duterte imposed a “soft lock down” on March 12. The people did not listen. The lock down turned into a “rigorous lock down” on March 16.

Rigorous…..Duterte had open coffins left on the streets. A warning of sorts. Stay inside!

He had soldiers come by and shoot disinfectant over the streets and coffins. Another warning to stay inside or be drenched by some sort of insecticide.

Note that Trump considers Duterte his friend. Same as Putin, Jung Un, and every other tyrannical leader in the world.

Lets hope Trump does not decide to keep pace with Duterte. Imagine if Trump said U.S. hospital personnel were lucky to have had the opportunity to die for their country. You never know what he is going to say!

Florida’s Governor DeSantis confuses me. He is all over the place. He and Trump birds of a feather.

DeSantis announced yesterday he was imposing a stay-at-home order covering the entire state. Till the middle of May. The technical name of the order: “The Safer-At- Home” order.

I started early. My own self-imposed home quarantine. My 21st day today. Do I get credit for the 3 weeks?

I am pleased DeSantis has imposed a stay-at-home order. I think 6 weeks is too long. I wonder how he will enforce it, though I do not believe most people would violate it.

The Winn Dixie Shopping Center was constructed in 1991. I began coming to Key West earlier than 1991. I can recall nothing but an open field where Winn Dixie stands. Nor was there a Walgreen across the street.

The shopping center is 172,000 square feet on a 15 acre parcel. It sold for $53.5 million.

The Naval vessel USS Detroit arrived yesterday in Key West. For maintenance. Specifically described as “emergency repairs.”

Not the best time for the sailors on board to be here. Bars and restaurants closed. The Governor’s stay-at-home order in effect.

Hangover Hospital. We have had one in Key West for a couple of years. From what I have gathered, a successful venture.

Get drunk, call Hangover Hospital. Anytime of the day or night. They come to you. A little oxygen and all is well!

Dr. Michael McGrant owns the local Hangover Hospital. He wanted to do something for Key West workers. Those still working to be precise. No one is drinking. Bars closed.

He is providing free vitamin B12 shots to all local health care and restaurant workers. Vitamin B12 is an oral supplement. Energizes for 3-5 days.

Hangover Hospital has stands around Key West providing the service. One is located in Duval Square.

Governor Graham appears to be on the move. He was slow till now. Besides the stay-at-home order till mid May, his Monroe County Health Director Bob Eadie announced that Florida intends to “mass test.” Plans will be finalized by the end of the week.

The system will be drive through in nature. Three sites. Specific locations not yet disclosed.

Eadie advised that there will be 20,000 test kits. Does not sound like enough to me. We shall see.

Updated information indicates 24 confirmed coronavirus cases in the entire state. Fifteen of them in Key West. Key West has moved fast to that number.

Tonight, tonight, will be like any tuesday night! My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick moving half hour of this, that and everything. My weekly opportunity to rant and rave.

Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Coronavirus provided the opportunity for a valuable theft. A van Gogh. From the Springer Loren Museum near Amsterdam.

The Museum is closed because of the virus. The thieves entered easily. Merely broke a glass door to gain entry.

The painting a 10 x 12 inch van Gogh titled “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 1884.”

The value of the painting not revealed.

One of the things I miss is the music Key West provides. Especially Aqua’s Dueling Bartenders.

One song sung just about every monday night at Dueling Bartenders is Oklahoma. We all join in!

Oklahoma opened on Broadway this date in 1943. The first musical play by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

Some coronavirus observations.

Russia has been dark since the first days of the virus. No news. Perhaps Putin did not wish the world to know his people were susceptible.

Sounds like Trump. Hide the facts.

Anyhow, it was announced yesterday that Moscow is under city wide quarantine.

Trump’s daily Task Force report reveals Trump’s nature. Every day. While America is bracing for the worst, he continually expounds the same bullish self-congratulatory rhetoric.

Trump believes/thinks he is doing a great job. Fooling himself! And probably half the population of the U.S. The other half know what he is. A bullshit artist.

Some things are amusing. The CDC is considering advising Americans to wear face masks outdoors. Only if they can make their own!

As I am composing at the moment, I am listening to New York’s Governor Cuomo. New York is fortunate to have him.

Enjoy your day!



10 comments on “WORSE THAN TRUMP…..YES, NO, MAYBE

  1. On February 7th, we shipped over 17 tons of medical supplies to China (yes, the same China, that Trump is vilifying now, for no understandable reason) to help with the Carona Virus that he (Trump) was then denying he even knew about. That included supplies we now apparently don’t have enough of and might have been more crucial in preventing where we are now, then denying we had a problem.

  2. Lou, a couple of corrections if you don’t mind.
    The DeSantis order does not cover the entire state. Only the southeast counties.
    The order expires on April 15th, corrected from the end of May as was first announced.
    Positive virus cases in FL now number 6300+ with 77 deaths.
    Monroe County has 26 confirmed cases. No deaths.

  3. Lou, is Publix or Win-Dixi delivering, maybe Faustos? Here in the big city that’s happening all over. So is Amazon, Walmart and Costco. Restaurants, Bakeries and even Liquor stores too. It’s making the lock down bearable and a whole new take on retail foods.

  4. Lou, you think 6 weeks of quarantine is too long. What statistical data are you using in coming to your conclusion this is too long?

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