This is day 20 of my self imposed quarantine. Still ok. Not loony. I had one bad day early on mentally. Thought this is not going to work.

My days are full. Reading, researching and writing.

I stay up later than normal. Don’t know why. Before the virus, I was in bed generally by 9:30. Now it is around 1 in the morning.

Was sure I was going to use this time writing the great American novel. Though I read and write constantly each day, I have yet to begin the great American novel. Don’t know why.

I live on the golf course. The course itself has been closed because of the virus. I received an e-mail from the golf course saturday to beware. A crocodile has moved in.

Not the first. The last one 3 years ago. All eventually captured.

I find it amusing. Coronavirus may not kill one of my neighbors. Many walk their dogs for obvious reasons. I can visualize a croc jumping out of the shrubbery along the way and biting the dog or removing an arm or leg from a neighbor.

I do not have a dog. Nor have I left my home even to take a short walk. My quarantine is full time in every respect.

Interpreting how certain observations cross.

Yesterday, I wrote in Italy of Today…..United States of Tomorrow: “The sirens keep sounding. Like the air raid sounds of the Second World War.” Referencing Italy’s Beramo.

Early today on Morning Joe, Mika was discussing New York City’s virus problem when she said: “Sounds of sirens fill the air.”

Both comments in reference to ambulances.

The Key West Citizen continues to suffer economically.

The Citizen is Key West’s daily. Or, was. About 2 years ago, it cut publishing to 6 days a week. Announced yesterday, the Citizen will only be publishing 5 days a week.

Its newest elimination is monday.

Since the initial cutback 3 years ago, the Citizen prints in Miami. Staff cut back dramatically. News generally 2 days old. Local building sold. The Citizen operates locally with a very small staff in very small quarters.

Within 5 years, the Citizen will be a memory. Gone.

Key West has several excellent local newspapers. Weeklys. One of them could take over.

KONK Life is a weekly hard copy. It also publishes a daily e-mail. The KONK Life E-Blast free.

The E-Blast could be expanded a bit. It would be the new daily and a modern one. No print. Too expensive.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis is another Donald Trump. Inept and incompetent.

Trump is his hero. He dances precisely as Trump does and to the President’s tune all the time.

Proof is the revelation over the weekend that Florida has been receiving from Trump twice the amount of every thing Florida has requested. No other state has. Many not even what is requested.

Over the weekend, DeSantis imposed checkpoints at certain highway entrances to Florida and also at airports. Those traveling into Florida will be screened. Not everyone. Only those arriving from New York and Louisiana.

If a traveler is arriving from New York or Louisiana, they will be required to quarantine themselves for 14 days. Failure to do so could result in a 60 day jail term.

Travelers will be met at Florida entrance points by National Guard troops and public health officials.

The need to screen and quarantine understandable. Florida’s coronavirus infected has recently been doubling every 3 days.

Another checkpoint story. One where DeSantis is upset with someone or else has his head up his ass.

The Florida Keys are a very small part of Florida and the entire of the United States. Roughly 120 miles long. A narrow 2 lane road most of the way, except where a small town has grown.

I believe the Keys have had only 3 coronavirus cases so far. It does not wish more.

The entrance to the Keys is at US 1 and State Road 905. Over the weekend, the Monroe County Commission opted to blockade the entrance. Only residents and those having certain business reasons could enter.

Made sense. The Keys don’t want the virus here!

There were 2 check points. The sheriff’s Department and State Police were stationed at each.

DeSantis was unaware. Two hours after the beginning of the checkpoint, DeSantis pulled the State Police off.

Monroe County could not afford to run the checkpoints at that point without some financial assistance.

The matter was worked out last night. The Sheriff’s Department and Keys municipalities will share the cost.

The information was forwarded to the Governor. Since he had in the interim ordered some checkpoints, a second shot was taken to get the Governor to agree to help with the Keys blockade.

Again, DeSantis refused.

Who needs him! Residents of the Keys are doing it themselves. As the Good Book says, God helps those who help themselves.

Trump has to have political wars. Even at a time when the country is in extreme danger.

I refer specifically to the one he has picked with New York’s Governor Cuomo over 4,000 ventilators.

Four thousand ventilators have been found in an Edison, New Jersey warehouses. Trump claims they were forwarded to New York. If not being used, should not be stored.

Trump has Attorney General Barr looking into the matter. Says at the very least, New York should be fined for stockpiling.

Cuomo is doing a hell of a job during the crisis. Makes Trump look inept at every turn.

All Cuomo has said so far is Trump is “incorrect and grossly uninformed.”

Cuomo’s philosophy during the crisis  has been not to wait till the last minute to be ready for that which is concertina to occur. He believes the apex of the virus in New York will be in 21 days.

Cuomo says you get ready in advance. Not when the problem hits. Be ready!

Makes sense.

Cuomo says based on the numbers, New York will need 30,000 ventilators in 21 days. He has his people searching all over the world for them.

As of friday, New York has had 44,635 confirmed cases. Deaths number 519. New York leads the U.S. in coronavirus impacts to date.

Cuomo says, “This is no time for politics. This is the time for exquisite coordination between the federal government and state governments, because we need each other.”

A Louis observation re Edison, New Jersey.

Edison is the home of a huge federal installation. Many the week I spent in Edison as an environmental attorney checking records. The complex totally federal. I had to go through hundreds of boxes of records at a time. I was given 1 small folder at a time from each box. Then watched while I reviewed and made notes.

Could this be where the ventilators were discovered? Were they delivered there by the federal government? Did New York know? When? Any discussions between the fed and state as to their storage till needed, etc.

Ventilators an ongoing problem. California’s Governor Newsom said his state received 170 ventilators from the federal government. From a “national stockpile.” All 170 were not working.

Newsom did not screw around. Immediately had them sent out for repair. Did not wait for the feral government to do it.

One of Trump’s medical experts is Dr. Deborah Birx. The lady who always seems to be backing Trump and making excuses for him.

She talked about the acute New York problem a few days ago. She advised 28 percent of New York’s virus tests come back positive. Compared to nationally, where only 8 percent return positive results.

There is some good in everything bad. Small though it may be.

Most children and parents are home together for a prolonged period now. Children see their parents work from home. Families get closer.

What the kids learn during these days of home confinement with Mom and Dad will remain with them the rest of their lives. Most will learn lessons that will mold their later lives.

Enjoy your day!






  1. Lou, I think if you want to do a book that will sell and become a famous writer you should publish a list of EXACT quotes of everything Trump has said about the CaronaVirus since this all began last fall. No need for illustrations.

    It could become the ironic comedic epic the world will appreciate for decades, centuries maybe. Everyone everywhere will want one for their coffee table

  2. How dumb and disgusting is accusing healthcare workers (our front lines of defense in this crisis) of stealing from you?

    This man is a monster and a total dick!

  3. Donald – Having the my pillow guy as part of your White House brain trust photo opt, just doesn’t give the rest of us a lot of confidence.

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