Ernest Hemingway spent 9 years in Key West. Did some of his best writing at his residence.

If you have not, you must visit and tour his home on Whitehead Street.

Hemingway wrote mornings. The rest of his day was spent drinking, fishing and partying.

His home on Whitehead consisted of two buildings. One the house itself. The other a carriage house. The two were were separate, not physically connected.

Hemingway preferred privacy and quiet when writing. His arrangement for such was unique. His “writing room” was the second floor of the carriage house. Access was sealed off from the first floor. Only one way to gain entry. From a window on the second floor of his home to a window or door on the second floor of the carriage house. He used a board which he would slide between the two means of access and walk across. Then draw the board into the carriage house with him.

He was undisturbed. He left the same way he had gained access.

The second floor of the carriage house was referred to as his “writing studio.”

Hemingway did some of his best work there. His carriage house works included To Have and Have Not, The Old Man and The Sea, and Islands In the Stream.

Key West will fill up for the July 4th holiday. Many exciting events. Two not to be missed. The fireworks and Key Lime Festival.

The fireworks will take place at 9 pm in the evening on July 4th at the Edward B. White Bridge. Guaranteed exciting. Can be seen from most parts of Key West and U.S. 1.

It is strange that key limes have become an integral part of the weekend. This will be the fourth Annual Key Lime Festival. Strange I say because though the pie itself is Key West famous, limes are no longer grown in Key West.

The best part of the Key Lime Festival is the Key Lime Eating Championship. It will be held at 1:30 pm on the 4th at the Southernmost Beach Café. Participants are required to hold their hands behind their backs and dive face first into a 9 inch pie. The first to finish wins.

A messy champion!

I did a Happy Hour earlier this week at The Grand. Terrific! The whole regular menu is half price, as are the drinks.

Prices are reasonable to begin with which makes Happy Hour an extra special treat. The food excellent. Atmosphere soothing.

A place to try. I recommend it.

Elections matter. I repeat myself. I wrote it yesterday when when I titled the blog “Voting Counts.”

The Supreme court repeated itself also yesterday. Screwed up. Went too far in two decisions. The Court shot down Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan and came up with a freedom of speech decision which adversely affects LGBTQ persons.

The day before it was an anti-affirmative action decision. Last year the Court killed Roe v. Wade.

An observation. For decades, not just years, Republicans cried Democratic judges were “legislating” with their decisions. Republicans wanted judges who could stick to the letter of the law and not legislate. Policy was for Congress to determine. Not judges.

What is happening now with recent decisions by the 6-3 Republican majority, the Court is legislating. Made possible by 3 appointments. All by Trump. Their decisions destroying precedent are LEGISLATING. Plain and simple. They are determining policy. Making decisions contrary to the thinking and acceptance of a majority of Americans.

The Court’s composition has to change. Time for Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Roberts to go. Thomas and Alito first.

Florida’s permitless carry gun law goes into effect today. Thank you DeSantis!

Gun owners excited. 

Non carrying citizens beware. You could be more susceptible to getting shot. Piss no one off!

Moms for Liberty not what it sounds like. Actually a white supremacist pro-Nazi leaning group. Might be described as female Proud Boys.

Trump and DeSantis courting their support big time. Says it all!

Geraldo Rivera and FOX News broke up. After 20 years.

Rivera turns 80 next week.

Rivera has not been a perfect FOX fit. More progressive leaning. The “marriage” finally ran its course. Philosophical differences led to personal differences.

Trump does not look good. Each time he appears on TV, he looks more tired and beaten. His fire and zest gone. Things appear to be catching up with him. No wonder. His plate is full, the burden he carries too much for any person.

Continue enjoying the holiday!


  1. Those Mom’s for Liberty, white supremacist pro-Nazi wacko’s are just another anti American Democracy group who will be hanging out their American flags on Tuesday, claiming to be TRUE Americans.

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