No question, the Hamas attack on Israel was one of history’s most diabolical. The initial cry was the Israelis were justified in seeking retribution. Lasted 24-48 hours.

The cries of “Oh! The poor Palestinians” then began and have become overwhelming. Too much already….. seems to be the cry.

Who is to judge? I suspect it will be the Israelis. They took the initial hard hit. I have heard of no Palestinian babies being decapitated or babies burned to death, mothers and daughters being raped, whole families being shot to death in their homes, etc.

Is it an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? I don’t know. One thing my gut tells me however, the demands that enough is enough are not enough. Not yet. Will not be till Israel decides so and says ok let’s talk.

Syracuse/Florida State at 12 noon on ABC.

I fear a painful afternoon.

Based on the Key West Citizen this morning, it does not appear much was resolved re the “nudity zone” issue for Fantasy Fest.

Key West created the event and let it grow. Developed with pimples and thorns, as some people describe the nudity situation. A handful, not many. Moralists of a sort. They come out every year to complain. And most, if not all, then visit the event to watch not much attired women walking about. 

Such hypocrisy!

Anyhow, the Commission did next to nothing. Left the issue to be decided for next year. Something it does every year.

Jim Jordan will get no help in his quest to become Speaker. Democrat House Minority Whip Katherine Clark labeled Jordan an “insurrectionist” friday. Democrat Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said Jordan’s “focus has been on peddling lies and conspiracy theories and driving dissension amongst the American people.”

House Republicans must get their “house” in order. The country is the loser the longer they fail to do so.

Happy hour at the Thai with Steve, Cindy and Ellen yesterday. Steve good company. The best!

I have returned to the world of the living. My heart doctor cut my blood pressure pill in half two weeks ago for a week. Then cut it out completely this past week. Left me feeling like total shit. Constantly tired. Very tired. Never so exhausted. All day, every day. Ankles swelling. Of course, my blood pressure shot up.

Put me back on the pill thursday night. The initial whole dosage. Felt fantastic yesterday. I was back.

Interestingly, the doctor’s assistant told me I would feel better in 24 hours. I was. Even Steve noticed the difference in me.

Enough for today. In addition to the game, I have much to do.

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?

  1. There are no innocents in Gaza. That unnamed Gaza resident and her 2.3 million neighbors have been chanting “Death to Israel” for five decades. This weekend the mezzage finally got through to Israelis and the civilized world that the Palestinians mean exactly what they say.

    • As does Trump. He claims innocence for all the evil HE did.

      And since when is CALLING for death to Israel any kind of crime? Isn’t protest free speech? Using your argument Karen, those in America calling for the overthrow of our government and death to Democrats as punishable as what you think should be punishment for the unnamed Gaza resident and her 2.3 million neighbors.

      Karen, take a deep breath before you condemn everyone in GAZA alone.

    • Officer Brian D. Sicknick, of the Capitol Police, was attacked by the mob on January 6th, dieing as a result. Should ALL of those people who were part of that mob, be put to death too? After all, they had been shouting harm to everyone resisting them.

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