A few days ago, the news was “babies decapitated.” Since, “Babies burned!” 

Last night on MSNBC’s Ari Melber, 2 photos were shown of babies burned. The black charred remains of 2 babies.

The news gets worse each day. Whole families shot to death in their apartments, children killed in front of their parents, parents killed in front of their children,  rapes of women and teen girls, the bodies of Israeli soldiers found beheaded, and whatever else.

The Israelis must have retribution. Total. Total, plus. Anything less insufficient. This is not a turn the other cheek situation. Hamas must be punished even worse than the audacious crimes perpetrated on the Israelis. Not in the same manner as perpetrated by Hamas, however.

I say this because already people are crying enough getting even. Israelis are destroying Gaza. And they have only just begin. No land war yet. Such imminent, however

Israel’s attitude is correct. Don’t screw with us! They are handling the war imposed on them with their usual military brilliance. Closed off all food, water and electricity. Gaza’s hospitals are overloaded, the soon to be power shortage will kill many on life supports. Pictures on TV of injured and bloodied Gaza children. Sad! Terrible! The result of bombings. No decapitations or burnings to death, however.

The hostages are the immediate problem. An act of brilliance on the part of Hamas. Makers it difficult for Israel to retaliate. Makes Israel’s retribution difficult to obtain. A “hostage deal” is required and then let each side finish the fight one group against the other using acceptable grounds.

Hamas issued a warning to Israel. Forewarn Gaza of any heavy attack or we will publicly kill one hostage each time you fail. Israel warned of an attack on the north Gaza Strip yesterday. Israel warned of an attack with “massive force” and told everyone to get out within 24 hours. Sounds like the beginning of Israel’s land war. The area contains 1.1 million Palestinians. Israel told them to go south. The U.N. says it is impossible. Too many people. Hamas told the residents to stay. They described the warning as merely “psychological warfare.”

Not an easy war.

 Moving now to the Republican House of Representatives. A group in total disarray. Chaos. Scalise dropped out of the race last night. Jordan says he’s back in. Neither can garner enough votes to become Speaker. Solution, if any, up in the air.

I do not find the Republican dilemma amusing. Though many in the Republican House deserve the bad press they are getting. What is going on prevents the U.S. from functioning effectively.

I am anxious to see a final resolution. Nothing will surprise me. Even Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies becoming Speaker in a “coalition” type House government.

The annual discussion/issue/war came before the Key West Commission last night. Nudity during Fantasy Fest. Especially a woman’s breasts.

It’s the same every year. A handful (just like the House) opposed on religious/moral grounds is behind the uproar. Most residents think the issue is bullshit. If Key West wants to make the money it does as a result of Fantasy Fest, then recognize it got sold at one time as an adult party and so remains. People come here to party nude, semi-nude or to view the bare ass people running around.

The Commission’s action, if any, last night not reported in this morning’s Citizen. I do not know the result. Probably to the effect, breasts must be painted. If not, more than pasties required. Genitals of both sexes must be covered. A “zone” probably created where the degree of nudity decided upon can be practiced.

COLA Social Security 3.2 percent. Reported yesterday.

Syracuse a 17.5 point underdog in tomorrow’s game against Florida State.

On October 12, 1492, Columbus discovered America. Actually, a Columbus expedition landed on what today is the Bahamas.

Three hundred years later on October 12, 1792, the first recorded celebration of Columbus day was held to mark the tricentennial of Columbus’ landing.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “BABIES BURNED ALIVE

  1. The mess in the middle east is called “war” Lou, and it’s basically no different than whet we (America) din in Iraq. We all need to stop complaining and try and was the blood off our own hands, before we call the kettle black.

  2. MAGA jerks are all about “freedom” and “my freedoms”

    Yet not when it comes to tits out at Fantasy Fest.

    Selective with “freedoms” when it comes right down to it, eh?

    Probably not so much when it come to watching, there’s always been a bunch of “red hats” at Fantasy Fest!

    Loves them their hypocrisy

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