A movie theater in Mariupol. Packed with 1,200 people. Many children. Two large signs on opposite ends of the building: CHILDREN. Nevertheless, thursday Russia bombed the theater killing many, injuring more.

Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times yesterday was titled: While Putin Shrinks, Kelenskyy Soars. Dowd’s comments re the war many. One in question form strikingly stood out. It is the title to today’s blog: “What kind of monster treats the word CHILDREN as an invitation to kill?”

Putin deserves nothing less than the death many despots have suffered over the ages. To be hung in the a public square. In this instance, Moscow’s Red Square.

Mariupol has taken a major beating in the past several days. A Mariupol police officer said, Mariupol has been “destroyed” and “wiped off the face of the earth” by Russia’s invasion.

My recollection is the phrase “alternate reality” popped up in the first instance during the Trump administration. Truth could not be found in Trump’s vocabulary nor is it part of Putin’s.

Disinformation rampant coming out of Russia. A torrent of lies.

A few of the “better” ones.

Putin was forced to “enter” the Ukraine because of the drug-addled neo-Nazis there.

The Ukraines were guilty of genocide. I am still not sure who they were killing.

The Americans had located biological weapon factories in the Ukraine. One to train birds and reptiles to carry pathogens into Russia.

Ukrainian cities were not bombed by Russians. Ukraine forces were bombing their own cities, including theaters sheltering children.

Heavy stuff!

Putin’s rally saturday an interesting composite of forced attendance and lies galore. So much so, I am beginning to believe he is a better liar than Trump.

The building the rally was held in holds 81,000 people. Putin’s press releases claimed 200,000 attended.

Re the 81,000, most were forced to attend by their employers. Buses provided. Attendance marked. Each employee had a ticket that also had to be stamped and returned to the employer.

Signs on stage: “For a World Without Nazism” and “For Our President.”

For some reason, Putin’s speech near its ending ended. Cut off. Russian staff attributed it to a “glitch.”

Putin several times accused the Ukraines of genocide. One example: “This genocide – stopping really was the goal of the special operatives.”

Putin told the crowd the Russian troops “were welcomed” by the Ukrainian people.

He further added his action in sending troops to the Ukraine was because the United States was using the Ukraine to threaten Russia.

Putin had the audacity to quote a statement from the Bible to acknowledge the Russian war dead and the honor they had earned: “There is no greater love than giving up one’s life for one’s friends.”

He claimed Russian soldiers were “fighting shoulder to shoulder” helping each other for the “universal values of all Russians.”

Wait till the Russian people find out their war dead presently exceed 7,000.

A bit of Key West. A short bit.

Spring Breakers are in Key West. Whether they are good or bad, I don’t know. The Citizen does not publish over the weekend and I have not been out of the house in at least a week. My beard proves it.

I have seen nothing. Yet. I plan on shaving and going around town for awhile this afternoon.

My sole indication of spring breakers came from my grocery delivery person. She said the Publix shelves had “more less”  on them because of the spring breakers.

Harry Truman! Too bad not all subsequent Presidents could have been as he. Can you picture Truman and Trump going at it head to head. Truman in final desperation probably would have hit Trump over the head with his cane.

In any event on this day in 1949, Truman left Key West to return to Washington after a 2 week vacation at the Little White House.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Lou, I don’t know if it is appropriate that we as Americans can criticize Putin or Russia as liars and cheats for how they are making things up about themselves, their motives, making up Ukraine as THE monster, etc., given our behavior during the War in Iraq and how Bush/Cheney, Republicans, etc., handled that. Looks a little disingenuous, doesn’t it?

  2. Shelves at Publix may have hat “more less” on them because those truckers responsible for delivery of goods were fooling around in Washington for the past several weeks, than actually delivering goods and helping America recover from our very real problems.

    Hard to take these guys seriously.

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