College basketball at its finest! Syracuse/Georgetown. Titans of the Big East. Games played at the Carrier Dome, Georgetown Campus, Madison Square Garden, and where ever Final Four matches were played.

Each game hard fought! Most close. 

Neither side liked the other. Enemies. Even the coaches Jim Boeheim and Jim Thompson. They never talked. Ignored each other. The animosity ran deep.

Boeheim now in his 43rd year coaching at Syracuse. Thompson long retired. They met a couple of years after Thompson’s retirement at some event. They talked. Could not understand why they never became friends. Today, the best of friends.

Syracuse has left the Big East. Now part of the ACC. The two schools met yesterday in an out of league game. What a game! Just like days of old!

The last 5 minutes especially. Wow! Game close. Baskets exchanged. 10.6 seconds left. Syracuse down 1 point. Battle took an 18 foot jump shot with 2.5 seconds remaining. Clean! Syracuse up by one. Georgetown had a long 3. Well past half court. Popped it up just in time. Almost went in.

Syracuse won!

Everyone agrees. The 2 schools should schedule more games. Pure unadulterated basketball at its best!

Blue Macaw last night.

Finally saw Andrea and Joe again. The last time before Thanksgiving. Good people. Enjoyed a couple of drinks with them.

Also chatted with artist Jean Paul. An interesting guy. Jean, Andrea and I discussed internet dating. Jean Paul into it at the present time.

Everyone off to 801 to watch the Christmas Parade. I was lazy. Standing to watch the parade did not turn me on. I remained and had another drink.

Montana back bartending. A lovely young lady. Great personality. She had been on vacation for 2 weeks.

Remember Lauri no longer at the Rum Barrel on Sundays. She has returned to Aqua. She will be hosting the Back Bar beginning at 4.

Go! Lauri’s personality makes it special.

Harry Truman loved Key West. Key West loves Harry Truman.

C-Span recently did a poll to determine how U.S. Presidents through 2000 stacked up. Harry Truman ranked #5. Understandable. He inherited a full plate and handled things well.

Truman #5 behind Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Trump is too stupid to recognize what is going on around him. The neocons are taking over. Led by John Bolton. A warmonger.

When Huawei’s Meng was arrested in Vancouver, China’s Xi, Trump and their staffs were having dinner in Buenos Aires attempting to work out the tariff problems. Meng was arrested at the same time they were dining.

Bolton knew Meng was being arrested. Never told Trump. Makes Trump look like an ass. Embarrasses Xi and China.

One item, not much revealed. Meng was arrested for an alleged violation by her company re doing business with those doing business with Iran. The U.S. takes the position that if anyone does business with Iran, they will be penalized by the U.S.

Strange power the U.S. has.

The sanction violated does not have to do with Trump’s recent sanctions against Iran. Rather for a violation of sanctions imposed prior to 2015 by Obama. 

Shameful for Trump. He should have at least made such a move on sanctions he imposed.

Another thing bothering me is why Canada has been involved. Canada merely the arresting nation under extradition laws. Hearings going on presently in Canada to determine if Meng is to be extradited to New York for trial.

Trump keeps pushing the U.S.’s long time friend and neighbor Canada around.

Does not make sense. Merely exhibits a bully doing what he wants without caring about others.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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