I have gained a few pounds since I returned from Europe. It is not the eating. It is the lack of exercise. I walked a lot on the trip.

Guilt has been added to the pounds. I decided to walk yesterday. Did the Home Depot for a while.

I have been writing three books at one time for the past couple of years. One is a series of short stories. I wrote a new short story yesterday afternoon. It is the tale of a deaf man who heard for the first time at age 40. Touching.

Following which I spent some time reviewing and finalizing my notes for last night’s blog talk radio show. It is all in the refining.

The show went well. I had some technical difficulties at the beginning. Started about 3 minutes late. It could be me. Sloan will be here this afternoon and we will run through the get on the air process again.

Topics last night included transgenderism as a civil rights issue, the Syrian problem which began as a civil war and now has the added dimension of being an oil battle between certain world powers, China owning all pandas in U.S. zoos, and Florida’s proposal to urine test high school athletes.

If you missed the show last night, it is archived and available 24 hours a day. Merely go to www.blogtalkradio.com, hit the archive button and enter Key West Lou or Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

We live in changing times. Dramatically changing times. I fear that most world leaders and people do not realize it. There is a danger in failing to recognize changes which are rapidly occurring.

Two examples.

Syria. I say the United States should stay out. That is not the point of this comment, however. It is that our major support is from two nations who are no longer world powers. Great Britain and France. We are the only big guy left among the three. We must open our eyes and form alliances also with real major powers. The world is not only changing, it has changed.

The New York Times. I could not get into the Times on my tablet yesterday. I found out in the evening that it was off the air because it had been hacked. Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. The same army that successfully hacked in the recent past the Financial Times, the Washington Post, and Huffington Post. The same Army that sent out Twitter messages from Obama and Oprah Winfrey supporting Syria’s Assad.

The Times hacking and others mentioned are clear examples that wars need not be fought on battlefields to be effective.

Enjoy your day!

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