I called it wrong.

In two ways.

First, I thought a blue wave was coming. Second, from my perspective, Trump had committed so many wrongs the people realized he had hurt them and would throw him out of office.

I don’t know who will win yet. It is 6:30 in the morning. It will be a few days more before we know who will be President. Could very well be Trump. If Biden, it appears he will have to put up with a Republican Senate.

Why are Americans so willing to support a Trump? Do people care any more who leads them?

Seems to me it makes no difference to people. They have followed Trump into the abyss.

It’s a new world. People’s values have changed.

We are a lost society.


34 comments on “WAS I WRONG!

  1. It’s looks as if Trump May win based on the remaining states not confirmed yet. How could this happen? Oh my what will we do? I’ve been crying all night.

    • Revealing? You mean, that most people are concerned about their own pocketbook and issues that concern them personally?

      Human Nature.

      • But look at their pocket book. Aside from the fairly rich, a significant part of the American pocketbook is not doing so good.

        And neither is America itself, out deficit and debt is enarmorus. Any American with that kind of credit card debt would not consider themselves in any kind of good condition.

        Americans are kidding Themselves.

    • Close as usual? Biden is ahead by nearly 4 million votes and has more votes than anyone EVER in the history of America voting.

      I’d say he’s crushing it.

  2. Read WSJ article on Tues.Nov 3rd- Page A19 by Gerald Baker to better understand how some people think about Presiential voting choices

    • I understand that some people think about Presidential voting choices that would include their president accepting, tolerating and promoting some wild theories about their opponents, like a pedophile ring in the basement of a pizza parlor.

      What more do I need to know?

  3. I may be unpleasantly surprised when the final count is in, but I’m still holding on to the hope that the majority of those mail-in ballots still being counted are Biden votes from supporters that cared enough about themselves and others to safely cast their votes. I’m sure the majority of the mail-ins were NOT Trump supporters, given how irresponsibly they’ve been conducting themselves in the recent campaign rallies. And I can’t believe the Hispanic population in Florida went with Trump! Until his campaign rallies he’s done nothing but ridicule and deny them. Unbelievable!

  4. Trump is low clazz and low quality- maybe it is time to face the possibility–too many Americans are quite the same. That is how this happens.

  5. It’s pretty simple. People whose bank account has been drained voted for Trump, who wants to get business going again. They don’t care who else dies or anything else Trump does. Their utilities and rents are overdue. They want to put food on their tables so their kids can eat. They only want someone who will get them back to work.

    The bar and restaurant owners in Key West are a perfect example. Trump told people, “it’s ok… don’t be afraid… Vote for me, and I’ll get your business back thriving.

    Even though they knew they were making a deal with the devil. It was a deal they had to make to keep their business, jobs, and livelihoods alive. They had to feed their children.

    Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992, running on, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Lower-income people will always vote their bank account.

    As Trump said before, he could walk out in the middle of New York and shoot someone and not lose his supporters. They don’t care that he’s a scumbag.

    • But, but, but, Trump has screwed them with any help, apart from the original $1200, that not everybody got, to begin with and then nothing since. He’s even mocked NP’s stimulus plan and backed up O’Connell refusal to produce.

      Besides his “best ever” economy BS was definitely not their “best ever” economy. Trump kept blocking a minimum wage, etc., etc.

      I ain’t buying your excuse cover story. I do buy your idea that they don’t care that he’s a scumbag. Mostly I think they’re drawn to the hate thing. Same people who were drawn to the GOP hate fest they called CPAC. They want to stick it to “man” even when they don’t know why?

      Maybe they want that Farm subsidy welfare $$

      • Indeed, there are the haters. And haters are always going to hate. But that’s not the millions that voted. There were, after all, 60+ million who voted for Trump. These are not the fringe wackos you are thinking of.

        Of course, lots of wackos did vote for Trump. Perhaps you might say anyone who voted for Trump is wacko, and many would agree. But more than anything else, I think those who voted for him were more concerned about money… their own bank account.

        • Then why, pray God, would THEY have voted for Trump?

          Aside from the rich, Trump has screwed just about everybody that needs to “care” about their pocket book. Furthermore he’d promised to even pull Social Security if reelected. Your comments sound more like another false opinion than anything useful.

        • Who are you kidding? Republicans don’t vote because they were concerned about money, they’re vote is based on bigotry, racism and hate.

          And it’s been that way since the time of Regan and Bush and Willie Horton.

  6. You are never wrong Do not every doubt yourself you can fool some of the people some of the Time some of People some of the time but not all the people all the time love you Martha

  7. Biden gets to 270 with Michigan and Nevada, Pennsylvania would be more than needed.

    Trump will need to contest all of those to stop loosing, but even if he gets PA and everything else, he’ll need to flip WI, MI or NV.

    Whose paying for this?

  8. Lou, in 2016 Trump won the Keys (Monroe County)- but Key West leaned for Clinton/Kane. Do you have information regarding Key West 2020? So far I can’t find a breakdown.

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