When I first began visiting Key West 30 years ago, the hurricane season was 2 months long. September and October. It has grown to 6 months. June 1 to November 30.

Late season hurricanes not uncommon. That is why November was added a few years ago. Not every year, but enough to warrant recognition.

The warning is out. Expect a hurricane or tropical storm around sunday. Named Eta.

Eta began as a tropical storm affecting Central America. It is restrengthening over the Caribbean as it heads for Cuba. At the moment a Category 4. Uncertain whether it will be a tropical storm or hurricane when it hits Cuba.

The model then has it heading for South Florida. Two paths. One has the cone with Key West in the middle. The other brushing the east coast of the Keys.

Rain storms are as erratic as hurricanes in the Keys. Not the rain that accompanies a hurricane. Rather, normal rainstorms.

Some days it rains unbelievably in Key West. Streets flooded. Seems to get worse each year.

On this day in 1906, there was excessive flooding on Key West streets. No hurricane involved.

Nine inches of rain in 48 hours. Water at the intersection of Southard and Margaret 2 feet deep.

The most powerful judge in the U.S. is a Federal District Court Judge. More powerful than even a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

A District Court Judge is the trial bench for the federal system. Cases originate at this level.

One thing a lawyer learns early on is, excuse the vernacular, don’t screw with a Federal District Court Judge. They know they have power and are not reluctant to use it.

Occasionally, a lawyer will bring a stupid lawsuit. One which has no basis in law. The Judge can determine the suit to be “frivolous” and fine the attorney. The fine generally excessive. The Judge wishes to make a point and does.

The other area of danger for a litigant or attorney is contempt of court. The Judge issues an order. The client refuses to obey. The skies come crashing down!

The client is called in, put under oath, and better have a god excuse for defying the Judge’s order. If not, the client is given one last chance to obey. Still no compliance, jail time till there is compliance.

Which brings me to Postmaster Louis DeJoy. Trump’s man. Dances to Trump’s tune.

Recall DeJoy is the person who ordered mail boxes and swift mail machine sorters to be removed.

He’s done something again.

Postal data showed that 300,000 mailed in ballots had been processed but not delivered. Processed means they were marked and there was a record they had gone through in house postal handling. Then disappeared.

In short, received but not delivered.

Twenty seven postal facilities involved.

Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan issued an order that the 27 facilities be searched for the “I don’t know what happened to the mailed in ballots.”

DeJoy said no way. Suggesting the Post Office was already too busy with the election balloting processing.

Judge Sullivan said he was “shocked.” No one says “no” to a federal trial judge. Judge Sullivan said he expects full compliance with his order. Otherwise, DeJoy may be ordered in to testify under oath. The beginning of the contempt process.

Everyone already is aware of my thoughts re Trump and the election. Many contacted me to advise their thoughts re the the result as known yesterday. At a time when it looked like Trump might win. All but 2 thought as I. How could Trump get so many votes?

One of the 2 was a die hard Republican. I could understand his way of thinking. The other was concerned that Biden would raise his taxes. The gentleman does not make $400,00 a year. At best around $100,000. His taxes would not be raised under Biden.

He did not know.

It supports my thought that many who voted for Trump did not understand what they were doing or what was involved. They were primarily moved by Trump’s bravado. And that he was defecating on powers to be for them.

Politically, Key West is split politically. If anything, the Republicans having a slight edge.

This year the Florida Keys went as Florida in general did. A red wave. It reached throughout the Keys. Steamrolled the Democrats.

There were 3 ballots affecting cruise ships in Key West. Three referendums. Their purpose was to limit the size of cruise ships and total number of passengers.

The three referendums: Ships overall limit 1,500 visitors a day, no cruise ship with more than a 1,300 passenger capacity permitted, and priority given to cruise lines with the best environmental and health records.

All 3 referendums were passed by huge numbers.

Not the end of the battle, I suspect. Margaritaville has a major dock involved and probably will appeal. Bar owners may join them.

Key Westers wanted the limits imposed. I was for prohibiting cruise ships entirely. Cruise ships not to be allowed in Key West.

Key West makes a buck off the cruise lines. So much per passenger.

That’s it! Passengers walk the streets, drink and buy cheap souvenirs. They rarely eat in Key West. Their meals on board having already been paid await them free.

They crowd sidewalks slowly moving, gawking at everything, spending little.

The ships pollute. Key West waters have naturally cleansed themselves during the year the cruise ships have already been barred. The water where they sit all day is now clean. You can see bottom bottom.

Key West has a coral reef that has gotten sick over the years. Many believe the cruise ships with their discharges have contributed heavily.

The climate, the air, and even ocean waters when kept clean, contribute to good health and long life. Key West a healthy place to live!

On this day in 1937, Rebecca Ambrister died. She was a member of Bethel A.M.E. Church. She was 116 years old when she passed on, having been born June 1, 1821.

Enjoy your day!


  1. This year the Florida Keys went as Florida in general did. A red wave. It reached throughout the Keys. Steamrolled the Democrats.

    That is unfortunate, I was proud of Key West in 2016, bucking the Florida trend. It takes the shine off the apple for sure.

  2. When I first visited Key West in the late 80’s and early 90’s, it was as liberal as anywhere I’d ever been, probably strongly Democrat, although that was not an issue. Then came Truman Annex and a totally different kind of tourist, very much more a money on their sleave types. By the end of the 90’s it had changed sooooo much and now you dare not walk on anybody’s lawn.

    Times change, hate is pervasive and greed relentless.

    • Not to me, there was no laptop, just smoke and mirrors. These ballots were stamped and logged, then never showed up anywhere. Big difference.

      Besides Rudy wasn’t involved

    • Trump has virtually NO chance of being elected with our stealing it in the counts, like the last Republican president did.

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